CHAPTER 18.220
18.220.010: General Provisions
18.220.020: Application Forms And Information
18.220.040: Parties To The Development Agreement
18.220.050: Proposed Form Of Development Agreement
18.220.060: Review Of Application
18.220.070: Contents Of Development Agreement
18.220.080: Public Hearing
18.220.090: Review; Standard
18.220.100: Findings And Recommendation By Planning Commission
18.220.110: Ordinance; Public Hearing
18.220.120: Conduct Of Hearing
18.220.130: Consistency With General And Specific Plans
18.220.140: Notice
18.220.150: Form And Time Of Notice Of Intention To Consider Adoption Of Development Agreement
18.220.160: Failure To Receive Notice
18.220.170: Irregularity In Proceeding
18.220.180: Periodic Review Of Development Agreements
18.220.190: Cancellation Or Modification By Mutual Consent
18.220.200: Cancellation By The City
18.220.210: Rights Of The Parties After Cancellation Or Termination
18.220.220: Rules Affecting Development Agreements
18.220.230: Separate Procedure
18.220.240: Effect Of Development Agreement
18.220.250: Construction
18.220.260: Execution And Recordation Of Development Agreements, Amendment Or Cancellation
18.220.270: Severability