A.   Commercial marijuana activity is hereby prohibited in the City. No person shall engage in any commercial marijuana activity. No permit, license or other authorization shall be issued for any commercial marijuana activity. This prohibition does not apply to the carriage of marijuana on public roads in the City to the extent required by sections 19338(b), 19340(f), 26080(b), and 26090(c) of the California Business and Professions Code. Marijuana dispensaries, cultivation, cannabis manufacturers, and delivery of cannabis, as defined herein, shall be considered prohibited uses in all zoning districts, including specific plans, of the City. No use permit, variance, building permit, or any other entitlement or permit, whether administrative or discretionary, shall be approved or issued for the establishment or operation of dispensaries, cannabis cultivation, cannabis manufacturers, and delivery of cannabis as defined herein in any zoning district or specific plan, and no person shall otherwise establish such businesses or operations in any zoning district or specific plan.
   B.   To the extent not already covered by subsection A of this section, delivery of marijuana is prohibited. No person shall conduct delivery or participate in the delivery of marijuana.
   C.   Cultivation of marijuana is prohibited, except indoors at a private residence as authorized by section 11362.2(a) of the California Health and Safety Code. Marijuana grown indoors shall be completely screened from view from public places and neighboring properties. Nothing in this chapter is intended to, nor shall this chapter be construed to, preclude any owner of real property from limiting or prohibiting marijuana cultivation by such owner's tenants.
   D.   No person shall smoke or ingest marijuana in any public place. (Ord. 2851, 2017)