3A.5   Appointment of Manager; staff
   3A.6   Unauthorized vehicles prohibited from runways; designation of service vehicles
   3A.7   Vehicles crossing field
   3A.8   Aircraft not to be left unattended with engine running
   3A.9   Control of aircraft when starting engine required
   3A.10   Vehicles not to be left unattended on apron; exception
   3A.11   Parking aircraft on concrete terminal apron
   3A.12   Unauthorized persons prohibited from certain areas
   3A.13   Designation of vehicle parking areas
   3A.14   Air traffic regulations
   3A.15   Parking of aircraft based at field
   3A.16   Authority of Council to regulate airport use
   3A.17   Permission of Manager required for commercial use of airport
   3A.18   Permission to use airport facilities