General Provisions
   35.01   Public funds defined
   35.02   Contracts and purchases; bidding and other requirements
   35.03   Annual audit; financial statements
   35.04   Claims
   35.05   Expenditures
   35.06   Collection of special assessments; procedure
   35.07   Special assessment fund
   35.08   Sinking funds
   35.09   Fiscal management; deposit of funds
   35.10   Certificates of deposit; time deposits; conditions
   35.11   Investment of funds
   35.12   Bond issues
   35.13   Debt collection; authority to contract with collection agency
   35.14   Warrants
   35.15   Collection fee for insufficient funds check or invalid automatic clearing house (ACH) withdrawal
   35.16   Economic Development Program
Annual Budget
   35.30   Fiscal year
   35.31   Budget procedures
   35.32   Expenditures prior to adoption of budget
   35.33   Proposed budget statement; contents; filing
   35.34   Proposed budget statement; hearing; adoption; certification of amount to be received from taxation
   35.35   Adopted budget statement; filing; certification of amount of tax
   35.36   Appropriation bill
   35.37   Revision of budget
   35.38   Proprietary functions; fiscal year; budget statements; filing; hearing; adoption; reconciliation
Tax Levies
   35.60   All-purpose levy; allocation; abandonment; extraordinary levies
   35.61   Property tax levy; maximum; authority to exceed
   35.62   Property tax; certification of amount
   35.63   Property tax levy and request; authority to set
   35.64   Motor vehicle tax
   35.65   Sales and use tax