1379.04  TESTS COSTS.
   (a)   If emission tests conducted as a result of the action of the Commissioner of Air Pollution Control substantiate that a violation exists, the person or persons responsible for the violation shall be responsible for paying all attendant costs for conducting said tests.  If said tests do not show that a violation exists, then the City shall be responsible for paying all costs for conducting said test.  In no event shall the City assume costs of providing facilities, utilities and access for such testing.
   (b)   When the person responsible elects to conduct his own stack emission tests, then the person so electing shall pay for the test or tests notwithstanding other provisions of this section, and irrespective of the result.
   (c)   The costs of emission tests required by the Commissioner on newly installed equipment for the issuance of the initial permit to install and the issuance of the initial certificate of operation shall not be at the expense of the City regardless of the results.  The tests for existing sources relating to contaminants not specifically controlled by this Code shall be at the expense of the City except for facilities, utilities and access required to be provided by Section 1379.02.
(Ord. 1970-69.  Passed 7-28-70.)