Registration, Inventory, Permits, Fees and Certificate of Operation
1375.01   Registration and emission inventory.
1375.02   Data registration.
1375.03   Exemptions from the registration and inventory system.
1375.04   Application required.
1375.05   Approval of plans and specifications before issuing a permit.
1375.06   Action on permit applications.
1375.07   Alternate action on permit application.
1375.08   Applicability of permit.
1375.09   Permit violation.
1375.10   Time limit on permits.
1375.11   Exceptions.
1375.12   Emergency repairs.
1375.13   Certificate of operation.
1375.14   Denial or revocation of certificates of operation.
1375.15   Renewal of certificate of operation.
1375.16   Prima facie evidence of  unlawful emission.
1375.17   Fees.
1375.18   Schools, churches and governmental operations.
Administration, enforcement and penalty - see BLDG. Ch. 1373