(a)   It will be the responsibility of the owner or operator of the equipment tested to provide, at his expense, utilities, facilities and reasonable and necessary openings in the system or stack, and safe and easy access thereto, to permit samples and measures to be taken.  All new sources of air contaminants created after the effective date of this section may be required by the Commissioner of Air Pollution Control to provide utilities, facilities and adequate openings in the system or stack and safe and each access thereto, to permit measures and samples to be taken.
   (b)   When any process equipment, fuel-burning equipment or refuse-burning equipment has caused an air pollution nuisance as determined by the Commissioner or has violated a provision of this Code, the Commissioner may at his discretion require that said equipment be equipped with an air contaminant recording device with an audible alarm set so as to become activated upon reaching prohibited levels of emission, which device shall be maintained in proper operating conditions at all times.  Records from such recording device shall be made available to the Commissioner for periods up to one year.
(Ord. 1970-69.  Passed 7-28-70.)