TABLE C - Vacating of Streets and Alleys
Ord. No.   Date   Description
1952-6      1-16-52   Portion of Garvin Alley west 65.31 ft. from Baird Ave.
1952-7      1-16-52   Portion of Old Beech Rd. from its intersection with Sunrise Ave. at 23rd St. east to a point 40 ft west of McKinley Park Addition.
1952-35   4-16-52   Portion of old Coles Blvd. from 25th St. to Shawnee Rd; two tracts constituting an 80 ft. strip beginning at 27th St. on west side of Shawnee Rd. and extending NW to connect with 28th St. at Sherman Rd.
1952-99   12-17-52   A service strip extending diagonally from North Hill Rd. in NE direction across Lot 82 of Shawnee Addition No. 2.
1953-11   2-4-53      Portion of right of way for extension of 23rd St. in a NE direction to the extension of 25th St. and authorizes quit-claim deed.
1953-15   2-18-53   Portion of Thomas Alley between Washington St. and the N-S alley between Washington and Courts Sts.
1953-36   4-22-53   North 35 ft. of right of way for extension of Jackson St. east from Broadway.
1953-38   5-13-53   Portion of right of way for extension of Jackson St. east from Boundary to Broadway Sts.
1953-39   5-13-53   Alley in Tonawanda Addition running south from Wilson Ave. east of Harding Ave. between Lots 58 and 59.
1953-47   5-27-53   Portion of old right of way of Gallia St. east of the east corporation line of New Boston.
1953-60   6-24-53   Portion of the right of way for the extension of Kendall Ave. dedicated by deed from Hamm.
1953-64   7-11-53   North 35 ft. of right of way for extension of Jackson St. east from Broadway St.
1953-123   12-30-53   Alley in Coriell-Daehler Addition running NE from Kentland Ave. to an intersecting alley between Lots 8 through 10.
1954-92   6-9-54      Portion of Maple Alley from 11th St. to Pfau Alley.
1954-105   7-14-54   Alley in Tonawanda Addition running north from Wilson Ave. west of Harding Ave. between Lots 5 and 6.
1954-119   8-25-54   Alley in Longmeadow Addition between Lots 38 and 39.
1954-132   9-8-54      E-W alley in the Board of Trade Addition midway between 8th St. and Norfolk and Western Ry.
1954-153   11-10-54   Alley in Norway Hts., Subdivision on west side of Lot 5.
1955-14   3-14-55   Alley in Ernest Hermann Allotment No. 1 extending north from 28th St. to Lot 4 of the Boulevard Hts. Addition.
1955-68   6-27-55   An alley in the Kendall Addition and 142 ft. of Elm St.
1955-132   10-24-55   East 5 ft. of alley in Bihlman Blvd. Addition adjacent to Lots 20 and 21.
1956-11   1-30-56   Portion of an 8 ft. service strip in the Arlington Addition.
1956-12   1-30-56   Two alleys in McConnell and Town Subdivision adjacent to Lots 7 through 4.
1956-45   4-23-56   East 437 ft. of Alabama Alley in the Kendall Addition.
1956-64   6-25-56   10 ft. alley north of 24th St. and east of Scioto Trail in Upper Arlington Addition.
1956-114   10-22-56   Portions of Green and Cedar Alleys in the City Addition.
1957-49   5-13-57   16.5 ft. alley in Salter Addition.
1957-61   5-27-57   Amends Ord. 1956-64 vacating 10 ft. alley north of 24th St. and east of Scioto Trail in the Upper Arlington Addition.
1957-101   10-14-57   Portion of N. Waller St. north of 24th St. in the Riverview Addition.
1958-17   4-7-58      Portion of Patterson Alley extending east from Murray St.
1958-27   4-21-58   Two alleys in Canal Addition lying west of Market St. and north of 5th St.
1958-44   6-16-58   Portions of Green and Wamser Alleys in City Addition.
1958-66   8-18-58   Alley in the Harwood and Clark Addition being the first alley south of 11th St. running eastwardly from Scott St., lying west of the first alley west of Offnere St.
1958-99   12-8-58   Part of Miller Alley in the original City or Canal Addition.
1959-5      1-5-59      Alley in the Longmeadow Addition from the east side of Lot 38 and adjoining the west side of Lot 37.
1959-6      1-5-59      Part of Casey Alley in the rear of Lots 2 and 3 of the Lawson Subdivision.
1959-33   4-20-59   Portions of High School Alley and Peach Alley on the Davis Addition.
1959-78   8-17-59   Part of Boundary St. running north from 8th St. to Patterson Alley in the Portsmouth Real Estate Co. Addition.
1960-13   2-15-60   Strip of land adjacent to 25th St. having been originally dedicated to open 25th St. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1960-32   5-16-60   Part of Virginia Alley running west from Linden Ave. to Osage Alley in the Droege Suburban Addition.
1960-90   11-21-60   Tract of land being part of NE Quarter of Section 9, Twp. 1, Range 21, adjacent to 27th St.
1961-97   12-18-61   Alley in the Tonawanda Addition between Lots 45 and 46.
1962-16   3-8-62      Kendall Ave. from Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority's land north to 25th St.
1962-25   3-22-62   Alley (west 16 ft. of Lot 253 of the Barr Addition) running north from 9th St.
1962-31   4-12-62   Part of Kendrick Alley in the Barr Addition running north from 8th St. west of Findlay St.
1962-37   5-17-62   East 10 ft. of Price St. in the Farney Addition.
1962-48   6-14-62   South end of Harding Ave. in Sciotoville.
1962-64   7-26-62   A portion of Waller Alley in the City or Canal Addition.
1962-79   8-29-62   A portion of Leet Alley in the Barr Addition.
1963-13   1-31-63   Portions of Butler, Penn, Donby, Price and Bloom Sts. and of various alleys abutting upon the Norfolk and Western Ry. in the 6th Ward.
1963-39   4-11-63   A portion of an alley in the McConnell and Towne Addition.
1963-46   4-11-63   A portion of an alley located in the Davis Homestead Subdivision of the Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition.
1963-47   4-11-63   A portion of Pine Alley in the Barr Addition.
1963-49   4-11-63   A portion of a service strip adjacent to Lot 27 in the Arlington Addition.
1963-75   5-23-63   Alley on the west side of Pershing St. in the Little Scioto Homesite Addition.
1963-83   6-13-63   A portion of the right of way on the north side of old U.S. Route 52 east of the Filtration Plant.
1963-117   9-12-63   A portion of an alley between Lots 3 and 4 in the Linwood Addition.
1963-149   12-19-63   Portions of Maryland and East Alleys in the Armstrong Suburban Addition.
1964-24   3-18-64   A portion of an alley in the Castle Hill Allotment.
1964-77   8-26-64   A portion of Robinson Ave.
1964-98   10-12-64   A portion of Chestnut Alley.
1964-121   11-23-64   A portion of Kendall Ave.
1965-27   3-1-65      A portion of 13th St.
1965-48   4-14-65   An alley in the 6th Ward between Lots 45 and 46 in the Madison Price Addition.
1965-67   4-28-65   A portion of Elder Alley.
1965-68   4-28-65   Portions of Frosdick Alley.
1965-69   4-28-65   A portion of Gay St.
1965-76   5-26-65   A portion of Boundary St.
1965-101   6-30-65   A portion of Kendall Ave.
1965-133   8-30-65   A portion of Kehoe Alley.
1965-161   10-25-65   An alley in Flinders Subdivisions.
1965-194   12-27-65   Parts of Oak and Lombard Alleys.
1966-101   7-28-66   A portion of Buskirk Alley.
1966-102   7-28-66   A portion of Allard Alley.
1966-103   7-28-66   A portion of Timlin Rd. and Havecotte Rd.
1966-122   8-25-66   A portion of Foot Alley.
1966-138   9-22-66   A portion of an alley in the Peter Kinney Addition.
1967-48   3-23-67   A portion of Tremper Alley.
1967-76   5-11-67   Pear Alley.
1967-93   6-8-67      An alley in Riverview Suburban Addition.
1967-124   7-27-67   A portion of Ira Ave. extension in the Farney Addition.
1967-139   8-24-67   A portion of Spruce Alley.
1967-157   10-12-67   Portions of Green and Pine Alleys.
1967-174   12-28-67   Portions of Pfau and Tremper Alleys.
1968-62   7-25-68   Part of Foot and Frosdick Alleys.
1968-89   9-12-68   Part of Old U.S. Route 52 located east of the Water Works Filtration Plant.
1968-106   11-21-68   Part of Charles St.
1968-113   12-19-68   Parts of Vine and Spruce Alleys.
1969-5      1-23-69   Part of old U.S. Route 52 located east of the Water Works Filtration Plant.
1969-61   6-12-69   The south 185 ft. of a 10-ft. service strip dedicated in Lot 15 of the Brookwood (s/b Brentwood-Ed.) Addition No. 2.
1969-82   7-24-69   All of Lombard Alley and part of Oak Alley in the University Project.
1969-106   9-11-69   Amends Ord. 1969-61 to changed "Brookwood" to "Brentwood."
1969-111   10-9-69   Alley north of Harding Ave.
1969-133   11-20-69   Remaining portion of Frosdick Alley in the University Project.
1970-70   8-13-70   Parts of Vine and Spruce Alleys.
1971-21   4-14-71   Alley running south from the 5500 block of Cherry St. in the Longmeadow Addition.
1972-20   3-7-72      Portion of Iowa Alley west of Gay St., between 8th and 9th Sts. in the Barr Addition.
1972-61   6-27-72   Portions of 4th St., 5th St., Chestnut Alley, Green Alley and Poplar Alley west of Market St.
1972-94   10-10-72   Part of former Twp. Rd. No. 347.
1974-33   3-12-74   Portion of Day Alley east of Mercy Hospital between Kinneys Lane and 18th St. in the Oakland Addition.
1975-18   2-25-75   Portion of Vine Alley south of 9th St. and west of Chillicothe St. in the Barr Addition.
1975-107   11-11-75   A portion of Front St.
1976-15   2-24-76   A portion of an alley running north from Bahner Rd., being  the first alley west of Penn Ave.
1976-44   4-13-76   To Newman-Rector, Inc., a portion of Daehler Alley in the Ball Addition.
1976-49   4-27-76   An 18 ft. alley north of Coles Blvd. and west of Altamont Ave. in the Johnson Allotment Subdivision.
1976-75   7-13-76   To Canter Inns, Inc., south 10 ft. of Third St. for expansion purposes.
1976-86   7-27-76   A 16 ft. alley running south in 5700 block of Wilson Ave. adjacent to Lot 66 in Tonawanda Subdivision.
1976-140   10-26-76   Portion of Front St. from Bond to Sinton Sts.; portion of Bond St. from alley south of Second St. to Shawnee State G. & T. College south of Front St.; portion of Lombard Alley from Bond to Sinton Sts.
1976-159   12-14-76   Portion of 12-foot dedicated alley in Northern Addition adjoining Lot 46 east of Sycamore St.
1977-16   2-8-77      Portion of alley west of Penn Ave. running south from Gallia St.
1977-68   5-24-77   Amends Ord. 1963-39 to include a small portion of Lot 34 of the Price Addition.
1977-93   6-28-77   Portion of Adams Alley west of Offnere St. in the Bell Addition, running south from Robinson Ave.
1977-172   10-11-77   Portions of Fourth St., Chestnut, Kehoe and Poplar Alleys west of Market St.
1977-198   11-8-77   Portion of Plum Alley running south from Second St.
1978-131   9-26-78   Portion of Wahoo Alley running south from Gallia St.
1979-88   5-22-79   Portion of Locust Alley running north from 300 block of Front St. to Ward Alley.
1979-167   8-28-79   Portions of Front St. and Lombard Alley from Sinton to Waller Sts., and a portion of Sinton St. from alley north of Front St. to Lombard Alley.
1979-168   8-28-79   Portion of Pfau Alley running east and west, north of Tenth St. from Spruce Alley; portion of Thoman Alley running east and west, north of Ninth St. between Spruce and Vine Alleys.
1979-180   9-11-79   Portion of Spruce Alley running north and south from Tenth St.
1979-224   12-11-79   Portion of Excelsior Alley, south of Gallia St. running west from Murray St.
1979-231   12-27-79   Amends Ord. 1977-172 pertaining to the vacation of Kehoe Alley.
1979-235   12-27-79   Portion of Turley Alley running west from Clay St.; portion of Tamarack Alley between Robinson Ave. and Eleventh St.
1980-8      2-12-80   A portion of Turley Alley north to Robinson Ave.
1980-94   11-25-80   A portion of Hemlock Alley south from Gallia St.; a portion of Nauvoo Alley west from Offnere St.
1980-95   11-25-80   A portion of Ives Alley between Findlay and John Sts., from Seventh to Eighth Sts.
1980-111   12-23-80   A portion of Security Alley from Sixth St. north to alley intersection.
1980-112   12-23-80   Portion of Fourth St., Chestnut, Kehoe and Poplar Alleys west of Market St.
1981-27   3-10-81   A portion of Vine Alley south from 700 block of Eighth Street.
1981-48   4-14-81   A portion of Lots #271 and 272 of the Barr Addition.
1981-61   5-12-81   A portion of Bannon Alley in the Pursell Addition, from Twelfth St. to Robinson Ave., running north and south.
1981-91   8-11-81   A portion of River Avenue in the Rose Ridge Addition No. 1; also a portion of Lombard Alley in the Rose Ridge Add. No. 1.
1981-121   10-13-81   A portion of Linden Alley, east of Gay St. from 13th to 14th Sts.
1981-131   11-10-81   A portion of Ward Alley in Canal Addition, south of Second St. from Jefferson St. west.
1982-83   9-28-82   Portion of Buckeye Alley running 93.5 feet from 300 block of Third St.
1982-84   9-28-82   Portion of Thomas Alley, 41.5 feet east of Scioto Co. Court House between Sixth and Seventh Sts.
1982-92   10-26-82   Portion of Buckeye Alley running 154 feet north from 300 block of Second St.
1983-77   10-11-83   Portions of Waller St., Front St., Mill St. and Lombard Alley vacated to Shawnee State Community College.
1984-35   5-8-84      Portion of Buckeye Alley from Second St. to Front St., and a portion of Ward Alley.
1985-01   1-8-85      Portion of Peete Alley between 13th and 14th Sts. and Gay and Findlay Sts.
1985-39   4-23-85   Portion of Wahoo Alley, east of Monroe St., between Gallia St. and Robinson Ave.
1986-07   1-28-86   .06 acres of first alley east of Harding Ave. (Sciotoville) running from Gallia St. north to Farney Ave.
1986-31   5-13-86   .04 acres of unnamed alley running north and south between 5527 and 5517 Third St., Sciotoville (first alley w. of Bloom St. and n. of Third Street.)
1986-32   5-13-86   .04 acres of Locust Alley (Sciotoville).
1986-74   10-28-86   8-ft. service strip adjacent to back property lines located on Michigan Ave. and Sheridan Rd.
1987-18   3-10-87   .048 acres of Kendrick Alley, between Chillicothe St. and Findlay St., running north from Fifteenth St.
1987-43   7-14-87   .057 acres of Excelsior and Alder Alleys.
1987-59   9-8-87      50-ft. strip of the east end of Flint Ridge Dr., Indian Hills Subdivision.
1988-37   4-26-88   Portion of Turley Alley.
1988-45   5-10-88   Portion of Bond St.; portion of Grimes Alley.
1988-55   6-28-88   Portions of unnamed alleys within the Shoemaker Addition/George M. Marshall Subdivision, north of Gallia St. and east of Winchester Ave.
1988-59   7-12-88   Strip of land (an extension of Twelfth St.) between the north line of the N & W RR spur and the existing 8 ft. chain link fence.
1988-90   11-8-88   Old Ohio Valley Traction Line right of way, north of Gallia St. and east of Winchester Ave.
1988-100   12-13-88   Portions of Gay St., Bond St., Sinton St. and Buskirk Alley.
1989-81   9-12-89   Portion of Pine Alley being the first north-south alley east of Court St. running north from Front St.
1990-28   4-10-90   Portion of north side of Eleventh St. (864.19 ft.) to OSCO Industries, Inc.
1990-149   12-11-90   Portion of right of way of U.S. Route 52 (Gallia St.) in front of Giovanni's Pizza to Thomas Messenger.
1991-77   6-25-91   Portion of Taylor St. (to S.M. and B.S. Fish, 2332 Gallia St.).
1992-20   3-23-92   Portion of unnamed alley in Tonawanda Addition, Sixth Ward, Sciotoville, south of Wilson Ave. and the first alley east of Bonser Ave.
1994-39   4-25-94   Vacating to Shawnee State University portions of the following streets and alleys: Second St., Gay St., Sinton St., Waller St., Maple Alley and Grimes Alley.
1994-100   10-10-94   Vacating to U.S. Health Corp., of Southern Ohio dba Southern Ohio Medical Center, a portion of Knost Alley and a portion of Day Alley.
1995-98   11-13-95   Alley between Second and Third Sts., Second Ward, Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition; requested by Shawnee State Univ.
1996-05   1-22-96   Portion of Kehoe Alley between Locust and Buckeye Alleys.
1997-02   1-13-97   Hancock St.
1997-03   1-13-97   Front St. and 2 alleys behind 615 Harding Ave.
1997-04   1-13-97   Drew Alley and North Alley on Eleventh St. between 1654 and 1702 in Turley Addition.
1997-167   10-27-97   Vacates, at request of N. Hatcher:
            (a)   Part of 16.5 ft. alley bounded on west by east line of Chillicothe St.
            (b)   Part of Eighth St. bounded on west by east line of Chillicothe St. and on east by west line of Gay St.
            (c)   Part of 16.5 ft. alley bounded on north by south line of Eighth St. and on south by north line of Seventh St.
1998-86   5-26-98   A portion of Green Alley, between Fourth and Fifth St., west of Court St.
1998-116   7-27-98   Vacates unused N/S alley between Lot 8, James Skeleton Addition and Lot 61, Board of Trade Addition.
1998-117   7-27-98   Vacates Kendrick Alley (a N/S alley west of Findlay St. between 9th and 10th Sts.)
1998-158   11-23-98   Vacates Donald Alley (alley between Harding Ave. and Camp St., Sciotoville).
1999-73   7-26-99   Vacating portions of 2 alleys in Noel and McElhaney Addition.
1999-96   9-27-99   Vacates certain alley and portion of alley between 10th and 11th Sts.; requested by OSCO Industries.  City retains existing easements.
2000-36   3-27-00   Vacates 312 ft.  of certain E/W alley from Waller St.  to Union St.  between Third and Second Sts.; requested by Shawnee State University.  City retains existing easements.
2000-69   6-12-00   Vacates portion of alley off Stockham Lane; City retains existing easements.
2000-111   9-25-00   Vacates Spruce Alley in Barr Addition running N-S between 10th and 11th Sts.; requested by OSCO Industries.  City retains existing easements.
2000-111   11-12-01   Alley which runs between Lots 43 and 44 in the Tonawanda Village Subdivision.
2001-116   11-26-01   Alley, known as Peete Alley, which runs between 13th and 14th Streets.
2002-95   8-26-02   Alley running between residences at 5544 and 5548 Auburn Ave., Lots 106 and 107, Village of Longmeadow Subdivision.
2002-107   9-23-02   Unimproved alley running parallel to Bloom St., Sciotoville, adjoining Berean Baptist Church property in McConnell & Towne Addition.
2002-129   12-9-02   Alley south of Mabert Road Baptist Church, 1325 Mabert Rd.
2003-49   5-12-03   Certain streets and alleys in Norah Franklin - Cornel M.  Hutchins Addition, Heinisch Addition, Connolley & Haldeman Addition, Rardin and Horr’s Subdivision, Lloyd’s Addition and Hutchins Addition.
2003-66   7-14-03   Authorizes vacating 2 segments of undeveloped sections of Findlay and Kinney Sts., north of 16th St.
2003-67   7-14-03   Authorizes vacating Vine Alley in Sciotoville; Portsmouth retains existing easements.
2003-94   10-13-03   Certain streets and alleys in Glover Addition, Thomas Waller Subdivision, and Hannah Waller Subdivision of Thomas Waller Subdivision; City retains public utility easements.
2003-109   11-10-03   Authorizes vacating Allard Alley on north side of Cornerstone United Methodist Church property of Gay St. City retains existing easements.
2003-112   11-24-03   Authorizes vacating 115 ft. of easternmost part of Grimes Alleys between Second and Third Sts.
2003-116   12-22-03   North/south alley behind the former Millhuff Grocery Store at 500 Harding Avenue, Sciotoville, retaining all existing easements.
2004-18   4-12-04   Ash Alley and Utah Alley, surrounded by Holy Redeemer Church property, 1325 Gallia St.
2004-42   8-9-04   Excelsior Alley (E-W), located west of Prospect St. and between Gallia and 8th Sts.
2006-20   4-10-06   Micklethwaite Alley, running east to west and Apricot Alley, running north to south, located between Twelfth St. and Robinson Ave.
2006-41   5-22-06   140 feet of N/S alley and 200 feet of E/W alley E of Offnere St., between Ninth and Tenth Sts. to Cornerstone United Methodist Church.
2006-46   6-26-06   Thirty feet of Cherry Alley which runs east to west between the 600 block of Front Street and Second Street to Yost Engineering.
2006-55   7-24-06   Beech Street on the east side of 2796 Gallia Street between Walnut Street and the N & W Railroad, and the unnamed 16 foot alley running north/south between Walnut Street and the N & W Railroad between Beech Street and Norfolk Street.
2006-74   11-13-06   Turley Alley which runs east to west between Zell Neff Alley and Laurel Alley, located between 11th Street and Robinson Avenue and Lawson Street and Clay Street.
2006-75   11-13-06   Amending Ordinance 46 of 2006 to change the legal description submitted by Yost Engineering.
2007-02   1-8-07      The north portion of Zell Neff Alley which runs between 11th Street and Robinson Avenue, the portion to be vacated runs from Robinson Avenue south to near the intersection of Turley Alley.
2007-22   4-23-07   A portion of 16th Street between Findlay Street and Chillicothe Street.
2007-54   8-23-07   Vacating certain streets and alleys in the Salter Addition, Barr Addition and Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition for the construction of the new Portsmouth City Schools Athletic Facility.
2007-83   12-10-07   Amends Ordinance No. 54-2007, vacating certain streets and alleys in the Salter Addition, Barr Addition and Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition for construction of the new Portsmouth City Schools Athletic Facility.
2008-03   1-29-08   A portion of Elmwood Alley running from Greenbriar Alley on the west to the dead-end on the east as requested by Bud Zornes.
2008-07   2-25-08   Wamser Alley which runs north from 5th Street to the intersection with Waller Alley as requested by Stan Waybrite of Ohio Property Management.
2008-19   4-28-08   0.1978 acres of Hocking Street near the intersection of Gallia Street and Winchester Avenue originally created in the Shoemaker Addition requested by Tom E. Savage.
2008-63   11-10-08   Vacating certain streets and alleys in the Salter Addition, Barr Addition and Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition for the construction of the new Portsmouth City Schools Athletic Facility.
2009-05   1-26-09   Authorizing the vacation of Sinton Street between 3rd and 4th Streets.
2009-07   1-26-09   Authorizing the vacation of Argonne Road from Spring Lane south to Kinneys Lane.
2009-53   9-14-09   Authorizing the vacation of an alley running east-west in the 600 block of Market Street located between 607 and 611 Market Street as requested by Karen Frazier reserving all easements to this property.
2011-58   12-27-11   Authorizing the vacation of the alley between Southern Ohio Museum property Parcel No. 30-1072 and Caudill property Parcel No. 30-0755.
2012-06   2-27-12   Authorizes the vacation of a portion of Baltimore St. which leads from U.S. at Gallia St. to the CSX Railroad property.
2012-07   2-27-12   Authorize the vacation of Market St. from the south line of Second St to the north line of Front St.
2013-16   4-22-13   Vacating to the Shawnee State University a portion of Third Street, between Gay Street and Waller Street.
2013-34   7-8-13   Vacating an alleyway located between 2000 and 2100 blocks of Argonne Road and the west side of US 23 (Scioto Trail) and a portion of Argonne Road and Spring Lane as it now exists.
2013-56   12-23-13   Vacating an alley/service strip between 2925 and 2923 Brant Ave.
2014-05   1-27-14   Vacating Maple Ave. and a portion of Pfan Alley.
2014-25   6-23-14   Vacating Beech Alley as requested by Justin Clark on behalf of Southern Ohio Medical Center.
2014-37   9-8-14      Vacating Brady Alley as requested by Jeff and Patricia Keaton.
2014-39   9-22-14   Vacating two sixteen foot alleys that run from Gallia St. to U.S. 52.
2015-10   3-9-15   Vacating a portion of Waller Alley that runs east/west between Fifth St. and Sixth St. directly adjacent to the St. Marys of the Annunciation Catholic Church.
2017-35   7-24-17   Authorizing the vacation of an alley between the southernmost parcel of four parcels on Kendall Avenue for the expansion of Speedway located at 2401 Gallia Street.
2017-44   9-11-17   Authorizing the vacation of Maryland Alley.
2018-20   3-12-18   Authorizing the vacation of the alley between 3rd St. and Farney Ave. as requested by Steve Falls and Mike Stapleton on behalf of Sciotoville Christian Church reserving all easements to this property.
2019-34   6-10-19   Authorizing the vacation of the alley located at 634, 636, and 638 Third Street at the rear of lot as requested by Ed Newsome, CENCO I, LLC.
2019-58   9-23-19   Authorizing the vacation of the alley located at 616 and 618 9th Street as requested by Harris Floor covering.
2019-84   12-9-19   Authorizing the vacation of the alley located between 609 2nd and 614 3rd Streets as requested by Francesca Hartop on behalf of Portsmouth STEM Academy.
2020-40   8-24-20   Authorizing the vacation of the alley located between 5544 and 5534 Wilson Avenue.
2020-57   10-12-20   Authorizing the vacation of Sinton Street from Gallia Street to the north border of Green Alley.