TABLE D - Dedication and Plat Approval
Ord. No.   Date   Description
1951-97   10-3-51   Deed from Manly Methodist Church to extend 25th St. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1951-105   10-17-51   Deed from Oscar Micklethwait of a service strip to lay utility lines south from 25th St. east of Grandview Ave.
1951-106   10-17-51   Deed from Oscar Micklethwait to extend 25th St. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1951-107   10-17-51   Deed from Wm. Hazlebeck to extend 25th St. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1951-108   10-17-51   Deed from Hamm to extend 25th and 27th Sts. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1951-109   10-17-51   Deed from Hazlebeck Co. to extend 27th St. eastwardly from Grandview Ave.
1952-48   6-4-52      Deed from Wm. Reinert to extend Brown St. south of William St.
1952-49   6-4-52      Deed from John Evans to extend Mary Ann St.
1952-68   8-13-52   Dedicating land purchased from Harbison-Walker Refractories Co, lying north of Gallia St. west of Sciotoville Underpass, for use as a picnic and recreational area.
1952-91   11-19-52   Plat of George L. Little Addition.
1953-10   2-4-53      Plat of Edgewood Hts. Addition No. 1.
1953-29   4-8-53      Deed from Bluemont Corp. for portion of Lot 13 in Peck, Bond and Sinton Addition for use in connection with City garage.
1953-33   4-8-53      Plat of Flinders Subdivision.
1953-37   4-22-63   Plat of Orchard Addition.
1953-43   5-13-53   Deed from Brush-Moore Newspapers, Inc. for part of Lot 354 of the Canal or City Addition to provide additional right of way at intersection of Thomas and Cherry Alleys between 6th and 7th Sts.
1953-50   5-27-53   Deed from Willis for a strip extending from Boundary to Broadway Sts. to extend Jackson St.
1953-65   7-11-53   Deed from Hannah for strip for extension of Nourse Alley (being the first alley south of 6th St. east of Broadway St.).
1953-72   8-12-53   Plat of Brentwood Addition.
1953-76   8-19-53   Plat of Sheridan Hts. Addition.
1953-80   9-1-53      Plat of Wooten Addition.
1953-101   10-28-53   Plat of Park Forrest Addition.
1953-105   11-12-53   Deed of correction from Micklethwait.
1954-33   3-10-54   Deed from Scioto Terrace Manor, Inc. for strip to provide additional right of way for alley purposes.
1954-34   3-10-54   Plat of Albert F. Leichner Addition.
1954-66   5-12-54   Plat of Stadium Subdivision.
1954-79   5-26-54   Accepting streets and public ways in Orchard Addition.
1954-117   8-11-54   Plat of Mary Eck Subdivision.
1954-120   8-25-54   Deed from Swick for part of Lot 38 in Longmeadow Addition to provide an alley.
1954-164   12-8-54   Deed from Harris and Sellards for part of Lot 61 of Portsmouth Real Estate Co. Addition to widen Boundary St.
1954-165   12-8-54   Deed from Dever for strip near Valley St. to provide a sewer right of way and for alley purposes.
1954-174   12-22-54   Accepting streets in Stadium Subdivision.
1955-5      1-12-55   Deed from Scioto Terrace Manor, Inc. for strip to widen Kent St.
1955-39   4-25-55   Accepting streets in Forest Hts. Addition.
1955-96   8-8-55      Deed from Lester and Kimsey for part of Lot 31 of Homestead Addition to provide a street to the Sewage Disposal Plant.
1955-103   8-22-55   Plat of George B. Taylor Addition.
1955-115   9-26-55   Plat of extension of Royce St.
1955-118   9-26-55   Deed from Porter and Chiappa for strip of land to widen Union St. from Front St. south to the levee.
1956-5      1-16-56   Plat of extension of Royce St.; repeals Ord. 1955-115.
1956-7      1-16-56   Plat for extension of Wilson Ave.
1956-13   1-30-56   Plat of Kilcoyne Addition No. 1.
1956-56   5-14-56   Deeds from Cook, Gills, Mercier and Webb to extend and widen Armstrong Court.
1957-24   2-25-57   Deed from Board of Education for 14 ft. strip to widen an alley in Glendale Addition.
1957-63   6-24-57   Quit-claim deed from Pressler for Lot 7 of Harwood and Clark Subdivision.
1957-106   11-25-57   Warranty deed from Chamber of Commerce for 0.61 acre tract to extend 27th St. to Thomas Ave.
1958-49   7-7-58      Deed from Adams of strip for alley purposes between 3rd and 4th Sts. in the York Addition.
1959-30   4-6-59      Deed from Norfolk and Western Ry. Co. for a strip of land for street purposes at the corner of Broadway and 9th Sts.
1959-53   6-1-59      Plat of Subdivision Reserve A, Sheridan Hts. Addition.
1959-73A   8-3-59      Plat of Timberview Addition.
1960-21   3-21-60   Dedication from Micklethwait of a service strip and alley on east side of Micklethwait Fourth Addition running south from 25th to 23rd St.
1960-48   7-25-60   Plat of Mariemont Addition.
1960-54   8-8-60      Amends Ord. 1960-48 re plat of Mariemont Addition.
1960-89   11-21-60   Deed from Graf to widen 27th St.
1960-96   12-19-60   Plat of Kilcoyne Addition No. 2.
1960-97   12-19-60   Dedication of Hillview Lane running in a northwardly direction from 27th St.
1961-26   5-1-61      Deed from Kilcoyne to widen a service strip between 27th St. and the south line of Kilcoyne Addition No. 2.
1961-41   7-10-61   Purchase of 17 ft. frontage on north side of 12th St. to open an alley between 12th St. and Texas Alley.
1961-96   12-18-61   Deed from Padan and Johnson for a portion of the arterial highway.
1962-47   6-14-62   Plat of Edgewood Hts. No. 2.
1963-45   4-11-63   An alley, being part of Lot 9 of the Davis Homestead Subdivision.
1963-48   4-11-63   Plat of Edgewood Hts. No. 3.
1963-76   5-23-63   Accepting a deed from Rose for 8 ft. of property fronting on Harding Ave.
1963-140   11-14-63   Plat of Brentwood Addition No. 2.
1963-148   12-12-63   Plat of Edrick Hts. No. 2.
1964-12   2-12-64   Accepting a deed from Schottensteins for construction of an alley.
1965-11   2-1-65      Accepting a deed from the Norfolk and Western Ry. Co. for construction of a street between 10th and 11th Sts.
1965-51   4-14-65   Plat of Hillview Subdivision.
1965-56   4-14-65   Plat of Indian Hills Subdivision.
1965-109   7-14-65   Accepting a deed from Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. for the purpose of dedication of a public alley.
1965-112   7-28-65   Plat of Kentwood Addition.
1965-150   9-27-65   Deed from Schaefer's Realty Co. No. 4 for a 24 ft. strip to be named 13th St.
1966-3      1-13-66   Plat of American Metropolitan Developers, Inc., Town and Country Estates.
1966-6      1-13-66   Plat of Edgewood Hts. No. 4.
1966-140   9-22-66   White Alley, between Waller and Union Sts., and 12th and 13th Sts., in the Morgan Addition.
1966-157   10-27-66   Accepting a deed from Burchett for a part of Lot 52 in the North Moreland First Allotment for the purpose of widening Terrace Ave.
1966-182   12-22-66   Plat of Hillside Addition.
1967-160   10-26-67   Plat of Kent Street.
1968-47   5-9-68      Plat of Woodland Heights Subdivision.
1968-90   9-12-68   Accepting a street to be known as Hawthorn Dr.
1969-45   5-1-69      Plat of Forrest Park No. 2.
1970-105   11-11-70   Plat of dedication of streets of Forest Hts. Subdivision.
1971-10   3-10-71   Plat of Sheridan Hts. Addition No. 2.
1971-11   3-10-71   Plat of Lawyer's Subdivision No. 1.
1972-38   4-25-72   Plat of Canter Subdivision.
1972-66   7-11-72   Plat of Stage Coach Lane Addition.
1972-98   10-10-72   Plat of alley south of Kent St.
1973-116   11-27-73   Plat of Stage Coach Lane Addition No. 2.
1974-24   2-26-74   Plat of Lot 56 of the Indian Hills Subdivision.
1974-40   3-12-74   Plat of dedication of streets and alleys in the Mt. Peerless Addition.
1974-62   5-14-74   Amended plat of American Metropolitan Developers, Inc., Town and Country Estates.
1985-85   11-19-85   Plat of Cartee Estates Subdivision No. 3.
1975-17   2-11-75   Plat of Quail Hollow Acres Subdivision.
1977-160   9-13-77   Plat of Quail Hollow Acres Subdivision No. 2.
1979-42   3-13-79   Plat of King's Court Subdivision.
1979-157   8-14-79   Plat of Brookwood Estates Subdivision.
1981-142   12-8-81   Plat of Cartee Estates Subdivision.
1983-90   12-13-83   Plat of Cartee Estates Subd. No. 2; plat of Brookwood Estates Subd. No. 2.
1986-92   12-23-86   Approves plat of Cartee Estates Subdivision 3, Phase II, for .694 acres.
1990-153   12-11-90   Approves plat of Reserve "B" Sheridan Heights Addition.
2014-40   9-22-14   Replat of the subdivision located at Buckley and Harding Avenue.
2016-129   10-10-16   Affirms and accepts dedication of public alleys described on the plat of J.F. Stark Proposed Addition (the “Stark Addition”).
2020-50   9-14-20   Dedication plat for the Multi-Use Path behind Shawnee State University.