General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
Rabies Control
   91.015   Vaccinations
   91.016   Certificate of vaccination
   91.017   Rabies tag
   91.018   Duplicate tags
   91.019   Proof
   91.020   Harboring unvaccinated animals
Reporting Bites from Animals Susceptible to Rabies; Related Procedures
   91.035   Duty to report
   91.036   Suspected rabies
   91.037   Confinement of animals
   91.038   Removal of animal from confinement
   91.039   Procedures for other animal bites
   91.040   Confinement during rabies emergency
Animal Identification
   91.055   Identification tags
   91.056   Microchips required
Public Nuisance
   91.070   Animals running at large
   91.071   Disturbing noises
   91.072   Maintenance of premises
   91.073   Pick up and disposal of excrement
   91.074   Confinement during estrus
   91.075   Injured animals
   91.076   Other nuisances
Dangerous Animals
   91.090   Possession of dangerous animals
   91.091   Guard dogs
Impounded Animals
   91.105   Impoundment
   91.106   Animal shelter
   91.107   Removal of animals from animal shelter
   91.108   Removal of biting animals for confinement
   91.109   Disposition of impounded unlicensed animals
   91.110   Disposition of impounded animal being held on complaint
Inhumane Treatment of Animals
   91.125   Inhumane treatment of animals
Kenneling of Animals
   91.140   General
   91.141   Keeping of animals; space and distance requirements
   91.142   Keeping of swine
   91.155   Permit requirements and fees
   91.156   License and permit issuance and revocation
Safety Provision
   91.170   Interference with the animal control supervisor or authorized representatives
   91.171   Appointment of an advisory committee
Spaying and Neutering of Pets
   91.180   General
   91.999   Penalty