§ 91.001  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANIMAL.  All domesticated and undomesticated creatures except humans.
   ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION.  Any tag worn by an animal which clearly defines the owner and the owner's address.
   ANIMAL SHELTER.  A place operated by the city for the detention of animals as prescribed by law.
   CAT.  A domestic feline of either sex, including one neutered or spayed.
   DANGEROUS ANIMAL.  Any animal that commits an unprovoked attack upon a person on public or private property or that attacks, threatens to attack or terrorizes a person on public property or in a public place.
   DOG.  A domestic canine of either sex, including one neutered or spayed.
   HARBORING.  The act of keeping and caring for an animal or of providing a premise to which the animal returns for food, shelter or care for a period of three days.
   KENNEL.  Any building, lot, yard, shed, cage or other area on or in which three or more animals, more than eight weeks old are kept; or any building, lot, yard, shed, cage or other area on or in which one or more animals are housed or boarded for pay.
   LEASH.  A rope, cord, strap, chain or strand attached to an animal in a manner as to enable a person to control and restrain the movements of the animal, the control and restraint including, but not being limited to, preventing the animal from contacting another person or trespassing upon private property or restricted public property.
   LICENSED VETERINARIAN.  Any veterinarian licensed by any state of the United States, and in addition, if practicing in this state, licensed by the State Board of Veterinarian Examiners.
   OFFICER.  Any official of the city deputized as such with authority to carry out and perform the various acts provided to be performed by city officers under this chapter.
   OWNER.  Any person who has right of property in an animal or who harbors an animal or allows an animal to remain about his or her premises for a period of three days.
   PET SHOP.  Any person, partnership or corporation, whether operated separately or in connection with another business enterprise that buys or sells any species of animal.
   PREMISES OF THE OWNER.  Refers to those private property premises under the occupancy or control of a person by ownership, lease or other agreement.
   PUBLIC NUISANCE.  Any animal or animals that unreasonably annoy humans, endanger the life or health of other animals or persons, or substantially interfere with the rights of citizens, other than their owners, to enjoyment of life or property.
   RABIES VACCINATION.  The vaccination of an animal with an anti-rabies vaccine approved by the State Department of Health and administered by a veterinarian licensed by the state.
   RUNNING AT LARGE.  An animal off the premises of the owner and not under the physical, visible or audible control of the owner or his or her authorized representative. An animal intruding upon the property of another person other than the owner shall be termed RUNNING AT LARGE. An animal within an automobile or other vehicle of its owner shall be deemed RUNNING AT LARGE.
   STRAY ANIMAL.  Any animal for which there is no identifiable owner or harborer.
   VACCINATION.  A protective inoculation against rabies by inoculation with anti-rabies vaccine recognized and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, given in amount sufficient to provide immunity from rabies.
   VACCINATION CERTIFICATE.  A certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian for presentation to the Health Department of the city as a condition precedent to granting of animal license.
   WILD ANIMAL.  All species of animals which exist in a natural unconfined state and are usually not domesticated.
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