If the owner of the impounded animal is known, notice shall be given to him or her if practicable. Any impounded animal may be redeemed by the owner upon payment of the license fee if applicable, care and feeding charges, veterinary charges, rabies vaccination charges, impounded fees and any other costs as set by the City Commission. If the animal is not redeemed within three days, it shall be considered abandoned and it shall be taken by the Animal Control Officer to the Isabel Y. Garcia Shelter. The shelter shall have the right pursuant to state law to sell the animal for the costs or proceedings and any penalties incurred if the animal is not picked up within the time specified by the animal shelter. Further, pursuant to state law, the animal shelter shall have the power to order the destruction of the animal if it cannot be sold. The care and feeding charges while in the animal shelter shall be $10 per day or any fraction thereof. This shall include the feeding and watering of the animal. Owners may claim their animal at the Isabel Y. Garcia Shelter.
(Ord. 483, passed 1-27-1987; Ord. 483A, passed 3-23-1993; Ord. 483D, passed 8-27-1996)