If there is reason to believe that an alarm system is not being used or maintained in a manner that ensures proper operation, therefore creating false alarm notifications, the Chief may require a conference with the alarm permit holder who is responsible for maintenance of the alarm system to review the circumstances of each false alarm notification. If an alarm site emits multiple false alarm notifications within a 24-hour period, it will be the responsibility of the permit holder to arrange for repair of the alarm system. If the permit holder can prove and submit in writing, within four working days of repair, verification of a mechanical malfunction of the alarm system, then all multiple false alarm notifications will be combined and will be counted as one false alarm notification for the purposes of § 90.24. If the alarm site continues to emit more than five false alarms within the same 24-hour period, the Police Department may only respond to the first five such false alarm notifications, and the sole responsibility of the security of the alarm site shall be by the permit holder.
(Ord. 460, passed 2-11-1986)