§ 90.24  SERVICE FEE.
   (A)   Except as provided in divisions (B) and (C) below of this section, the permit holder shall pay a service fee of $50 for each false alarm notification emitted from an alarm site that is in excess of six alarms within the existing calendar year. The permit holder shall pay the service fee to the Chief within ten days of written notice of the service fee.
   (B)   No service fee will be assessed during the first 60 days on newly installed alarm systems, and alarm notifications during that period will not be counted in determining when a service fee will be assessed.
   (C)   No service fee will be assessed against a permit holder which is an agency of the federal government or the state in which case the Chief is authorized to take appropriate administrative remedies relating to the requirement of repair or deactivation or non-response to or of the alarm system.
(Ord. 460, passed 2-11-1986)