(A)   The following rules and regulations shall apply to the use of the Sand and Spurs Stables.
      (1)   Any and all equine owners must present to the Public Works Department proof of all State of Florida mandated vaccinations along with a blood test showing a negative result for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins Test) not more than one year old. Each year on the anniversary date of this equine’s original blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins Test) the owner must present a new blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia showing a negative result, along with proof of any state mandated vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the equine owner to notify the stable attendant if they plan to remove their equine for an extended period of time. Any equine coming onto the grounds of Sand and Spurs Stables must be accompanied by an Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins Test) showing a negative result, according to the state guidelines. The Public Works Director or his designee may order the removal of an equine from the premises of Sand and Spurs Stables if the equine is known to have a communicable disease or is determined by a licensed veterinarian to be a health hazard to the equine population. Similar certificates of health may also be required from time to time when in the opinion of the Public Works Director or his designee it is necessary to protect persons or animals using Sand and Spurs Stables. An equine pre-purchase trial form to be completed prior to bringing equine to Sand and Spurs for trial.
      (2)   Permit Holders are responsible for timely submission of paperwork. An automatic 5 point citation will be given if the following items are not submitted to Public Works within 15 business days of due date: coggins, renewal paperwork, liability insurance certificate, and trailer registrations. For each additional 15-day period, an additional 5 points will be assessed.
      (3)   In the event any equine that is stabled at Sand and Spurs Stables receives a positive test result for a contagious disease, the other equine stabled at Sand and Spurs may be required to submit results of medical tests upon the request of the Public Works Director, and also a second health test after the incubation period for the specific disease has expired.
      (4)   Stall Permit Holders and/or users shall be responsible for the removal of all waste matter from the stall enclosures and for the placement of all bottles, trash, and similar refuse in trash cans.
      (5)   The motor vehicle speed limit in the area of the stables shall be five miles per hour.
      (6)   There shall be no smoking west of the main road in the stable area and no obscene language anywhere on the premises. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances as defined in F.S. Ch. 893, shall be permitted on the grounds of Sand and Spurs Stables.
      (7)   Tack rooms must be kept in a safe condition and be in compliance with the Broward County Environmental Protection Department guidelines for household hazardous waste and are subject to inspection by the Public Works Department.
      (8)   Riding lessons for permit holders, authorized stall users and their family members or authorized guests only may be conducted only by instructors certified by USEF, USEA, or by some other recognized equine organization. Prior to conducting any group riding lessons or lessons where some participants do not have a horse stabled at Sand & Spurs, all instructors shall enter into a written agreement which will provide for acquisition of all necessary licenses along with insurance coverage approved by the city's Risk Manager. An annual fee of $100 shall be charged for each registered instructor. Each instructor shall have the relationship with the city as an independent contractor under the control and supervision of the Public Works Director or his authorized designee. Instructors and trainers conducting private training to Permit Holders or stall users or their authorized guests must sign the Equine Release form along with all participants, and no equine may be brought from outside into the park facility for such purposes. Any person providing lessons for compensation must first obtain a Business Tax Receipt pursuant to Chapter 113, applicable to any person engaged in any business or profession within the City. Renting of any equine will not be permitted.
      (9)   Riding equipment that is inhumane, unsafe, or detrimental to the health and welfare of the equine or rider will not be permitted.
      (10)   All equine must have halter and halter shank on before being led from a stall. Only walking of equine is permitted west of main entry road. Loose equine will be permitted only in rings and paddocks and not in the main riding ring. Any person placing equine in the ring or paddock must remain on the premises during such time as the equine is within said areas.
      (11)   Equine may not be trailered from the Sand and Spurs Stables premises except by the owner or by written permission of the owner.
      (12)   Double riding will be permitted only in rings. No equine may be tied to the rail of the main ring at any time.
      (13)   Individuals may use the show ring for riding and practice purposes under the general rules and regulations of the stables. Use of the show ring may also be used for organized shows by recognized groups of equine owners subject to conditions as specified by the City Commission for any particular show.
      (14)   Mistreatment of any equine will not be permitted.
      (15)   Any person who does not possess a Sand and Spurs Stables permit or who is otherwise not authorized by the Public Works Department shall not be permitted to bring any equine into the stable area or to use the trails, riding rings, or any of the facilities. This provision, however, shall not apply to persons who are official entrants in equine special activities or events scheduled at Sands and Spurs Stables by the Public Works Department.
      (16)   (a)   Prior to the use of any jumps by persons under the age of 18 years, written permission must be obtained from a parent or guardian allowing the person to use the jumps, assuming full responsibility for the safety of the person and for any injury which may result to him by the use of the jumps.
         (b)   Any minor shall wear a hard hat when riding anywhere within the facility.
      (17)   Stall maintenance responsibilities.
         (a)   All permits holders are required to keep and maintain their assigned stalls in accordance with the standards set forth in this Code, Application and Permit Renewal, and, in any regulations governing Sand and Spurs Stables, and in accordance with the applicable building code of jurisdiction. Should any Permit Holder fail to maintain his stall in good repair or in a manner not in compliance with the aforementioned requirements, the Public Works Department may notify the Permit Holder of the necessary corrective action by providing notice by regular U.S. Mail and by posting notice in a conspicuous place on the stall. Upon failure of the Permit Holder to take the required corrective action within ten days of posting the notice, the Public Works Department may proceed to take any necessary corrective action. The Permit Holder shall be responsible for any and all costs incurred by the city in taking the corrective action. In such situations, the city may at its discretion bill the person for the costs or may terminate the permit as provided in this section.
         (b)   Permit Holders shall be responsible for the maintenance of the structure and exterior of all city-owned stalls, including the painting of such stalls. City shall provide water and electrical service connections to such stalls. All Permit Holders of city-owned stalls shall be responsible for maintaining the stalls in a clean and sanitary condition and in accordance with all other requirements for the Sand and Spurs Stables. No modification of any such stall shall be permitted without the express written permission of the Public Works Director and Building Official.
      (18)   Destruction, abuse of, or vandalism to either private or public property shall be cause for suspension of a permit.
      (19)   Stall occupancy.
         (a)   Each equine at Sand and Spurs shall have a separate stall, which shall only be occupied by equine owned by the approved Permit Holder or equine which is otherwise specifically approved by the Public Works Department for occupancy of that stall. Adequate proof of the ownership shall be furnished to the Public Works Department upon demand by using a State of Florida approved Horse Bill of Sale form (Form No. 1989), which is available from the Public Works Administration or Stable Attendant.
         (b)   No equine shall be placed in any stall without obtaining prior approval from the Public Works Department.
      (20)   Only mares, fillies and castrated males over the age of two years are permitted to be stabled at Sand and Spurs Stables. Pregnant mares must be moved prior to giving birth.
      (21)   Rules and regulations.
         (a)   A copy of Sand and Spurs Stables rules and regulations, as may be amended from time to time, shall be signed by each Permit Holder and, in the case of a minor, a copy shall be signed by a parent or guardian and the minor, and shall be displayed at all times in all tack rooms. A copy shall also be displayed on the bulletin board in the pavilion.
         (b)   Permit Holders shall provide for review and signature to all participants engaging in equine activity, a warning notice in accordance with F.S. 773.04(1)(b). Copies of the warning notice shall be available at the Stable Attendant's office or the Public Works Department.
      (22)   No person shall ride an equine in a way that is dangerous to the equine, the rider, or others.
      (23)   Only walking of equine is allowed in the stall area.
      (24)   Dogs outside the stall area, not under the physical control of a responsible person by leash, are considered Animals Running at Large as defined in § 90.08(A)(B)(C) of Chapter 90: Animals. Additionally, dog(s) must comply with all other minimum standards set forth in Chapter 90, including, but not limited to, §§ 90.09, 90.10 and 90.11. No unattended dog(s) may be kept at Sand and Spurs Stables. Dog(s) are unattended when the owner is not present at Sand and Spurs Stables.
      (25)   Children under nine years of age are not allowed anywhere on the premises unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or supervising adult under constant supervision.
      (26)   The stable attendant may restrict the riding habits of any person who rides an equine in an unsafe manner.
      (27)   All persons or groups desiring to conduct shows or exhibitions shall first enter into a written agreement with the city which will require necessary permits along with insurance coverage approved by the city’s Risk Manager. A $200 fee shall be charged for each show or exhibition conducted by persons or groups who are not tenants of Sand and Spurs Stables.
      (28)   All city posted signs must be obeyed.
      (29)   Trailers shall be parked within designated areas only, unless for the purpose of loading and unloading horses, which said parking shall be for 48 hours or less.
      (30)   Permit Holders leaving the premises while allowing equine to abuse the grass paddocks and allowing the equine to overstay the half hour time limit in the rings will be issued a three-point citation.
   (B)   Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may be cause for expulsion and termination of the relationship between a Permit Holder and the city.
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