(A)   No person owning or having possession, charge, custody, or control of any dog shall cause, permit, or allow the dog to be fenced in a manner inconsistent with the following guidelines. Fence must be constructed in a manner which serves to keep said animal(s) confined to the property and must be maintained so as to prevent the animal(s) escape by means of going under, over, or through. Fences must be posted with signs reading "BEWARE OF DOG" at all entry points when used to confine dog(s). When electric fences are used in conjunction with ordinary fences, "BEWARE OF DOG" signs must be posted on all corners of the perimeter of the fence and on both sides of the front of the main structure. All signs are to be maintained in legible condition and must face the direction of entry to the area where said animal is confined.
   (B)   Fences that use electronic collars on the animal to contain them are prohibited.
   (C)   All structures involved in securing the dog must comply with city Building Department and Zoning Department Codes. No liability to the Animal Control officer or the city shall be attached based upon failure of equipment to contain any animal, which results in injury or death to an animal(s) or a human being(s).
(Ord. 2000-63, passed 6-13-00) Penalty, see § 90.99