(A)   The Department of Public Works shall be headed by a Public Works Administrator who shall be appointed by the City Manager. The Public Works Administrator shall be an engineer.
   (B)   The duties of the Public Works Administrator shall include the following:
      (1)   Assist in carrying out the policies and programs of the City Commission.
      (2)   Coordinate and supervise the work and activities of the various divisions in the Department.
      (3)   Coordinate and supervise the construction, administration, operation and maintenance of the city's water and sewer systems.
      (4)   Coordinate and supervise maintenance of city grounds, streets, buildings, garage, and cemetery; provided, however, that it shall be the duty of the Director of Parks and Recreation to coordinate and supervise maintenance of city parks and such other recreation facilities as may be designated by the City Manager.
      (5)   Supervise the City Engineer and consult and advise the City Manager or the head of any other department on all engineering matters. The City Engineer shall be a civil engineer registered in the state and shall perform those functions set out in §§ 100.09, 100.24, 100.27, 100.38, shall certify and seal all plans of the city requiring the certificate of a registered state engineer and any other functions assigned by the Public Works Administrator or the City Manager.
      (6)   Perform any other functions, duties and obligations assigned by the City Manager.
(Special Acts, Ch. 57-1754, § 48) ('58 Code, § 2.72) (Am. Ord. 84-60, passed 6-5-84; Am. Ord. 89-07, passed 11-1-88; Am. Ord. 93-64, passed 9-7-93)
   Director to act as general manager of the cemetery, see § 92.17