(A)   Before any plat shall be admitted to the City Commission for record in the city, the plat shall be first presented to the City Engineer or other designated official, and shall show the street profile, grade, and necessary storm drainage system on the plat to the satisfaction of the City Engineer or other official. ('58 Code, § 44.14)
   (B)   The City Engineer shall record his approval on any plat submitted, as provided by division (A) above, after he has determined that the requirements for street profiles, grade, and necessary storm drainage have been met and that the legal description on the plat does not exceed the area actually platted thereon. The plat then shall be presented in the prescribed manner to the city Planning Board for further action as provided by the Charter and ordinances of the city. ('58 Code, § 44.15) (Ord. 526-A, passed 11-14-61; Am. Ord. 63-19, passed 1-8-63)
(Ord. 526, passed - - )