Supervision of the cemetery shall be under the direction of the Director of Public Works, who shall be known as the General Manager of the Cemetery in matters pertaining to its operation. It shall be the duty of the General Manager of the Cemetery, or employees under his direction, to do the following.
   (A)   Be in attendance at the cemetery during the working day or have an assistant present in order to discharge his duties without delay.
   (B)   Keep a complete and accurate record of the name of the deceased, the block, lot, and section on which burial is made, date of burial, and the name of the funeral director conducting the funeral.
   (C)   Demand and examine or have examined the burial permit and refuse burial until the permit and papers comply with the state law and the restriction of the city.
   (D)   Hold the sole and exclusive right in person or through competent employees to dig and fill all graves and to reopen a grave, upon request of a duly authorized and competent party after having received the proper fee set by the City Commission as set forth in § 92.32, and do all other work in the operation of the cemetery.
   (E)   Aid and assist the public in the locating of lots or burial spaces or in interpreting the meaning of this chapter, and to take those steps necessary for the protection and convenience of funeral parties.
   (F)   Keep a duplicate plat and record of the cemetery, showing sections, lots, and subdivisions with the location, name, and date of all burials.
   (G)   Keep a plat and plat book of the cemetery on which shall be shown all lots which are sold or are for sale and a record made of the date, name, and funeral director conducting the funeral for all deceased persons who are buried at the municipal cemetery.
   (H)   Sell burial rights in lots that are authorized by the City Commission, at the price and under the restrictions set by the City Commission, and to issue a burial right agreement upon the payment of the whole amount, naming any special restrictions that are not embodied in this chapter, signed by the proper city officials and stamped with the seal of the city.
   (I)   Notify the custodian of the records of the municipal cemetery as soon as possible of the sale of burial right agreements with the name of the owner or owners, and of the date, time of day, sections, lots, and blocks of all proposed interments with the name of the deceased and the funeral director.
   (J)   Collect all money in payment for burial rights, interments, disinterments, bronze markers, perpetual care, and for all services rendered by the employees of the cemetery in the performance of their duties as regulated by the City Commission, and issue department receipts. Moneys so collected shall be deposited with the Finance Department, which will issue a receipt for funds received.
(‘58 Code, § 10.09) (Ord. 76-43, passed 4-27-76; Am. Ord. 2012-58, passed 7-24-12)