Sewers; Generally
   51.01   Definitions
   51.02   Use of public sewers required
   51.03   Private wastewater disposal
   51.04   Sanitary sewers, building sewers and connections
   51.05   Use of public sewers
   51.06   Malicious damage
   51.07   Powers and authority of inspectors
   51.08   Hearing Board
Procedure for Determining Equitable Sewer Service Charges
   51.20   Purpose
   51.21   Determining the total annual cost of operation and maintenance
   51.22   Determining each user’s wastewater contribution percentage
   51.23   Determining a surcharge system for users and excess BOD and TSS
   51.24   Determining each user’s service charge
   51.25   Wastewater Facilities Replacement Fund
   51.26   Wastes prohibited from being discharged to the wastewater treatment system
   51.27   Prohibition of clear water connections
   51.28   Proper design and construction of new sewers and connections
   51.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Above normal strength wastes
   Appendix B:   Rate schedule
   Appendix C:   Wastewater Facilities Replacement Fund schedule