(A)   This shall be effective once Plain City is declared to be and classified as a city under the laws of the State of Ohio.
   (B)   All appointments and promotions of employees of the Municipality shall be made on the basis of merit and fitness demonstrated through a competitive selection process to the extent practicable and except as otherwise provided by the Council.
   (C)   The Council shall establish, by ordinance or resolution, a classified and unclassified service for employees of the Municipality.
   (D)   Appointments to and removal from all elected and appointed offices, including the Municipality's boards, commissions, and committees, shall be made in accordance with the specific applicable provisions of this Charter or the specific applicable legislation of the Council, and shall not be subject to Sections 8.04(B) and (C).
   (E)   The laws of the State of Ohio governing the retirement of employees of the municipalities shall be applicable to Municipality employees under this Charter.