(A)   Purpose: The Business-Professional Zone is intended to provide for the development of professional offices and facilities devoted to professional uses.
   (B)   Criteria: The following criteria are hereby established for use in the classification or reclassification of land to business-professional office use:
      1.   General Plan: Compliance with the General Plan.
      2.   Utilities: The existing utilities system (water, sewer, drainage, electrical, gas and communications facilities) shall be adequate or new systems shall be constructed to adequately service the business-professional development of the property.
      3.   Environmental: The development will be consistent with good commercial development and will be reviewed in light of its impact on traffic circulation, width of street, open space areas which surround the property, drainage, environmental controls, ingress and egress, fire protection, and accessibility of the property to emergency vehicles. Development shall be compatible with the surrounding zoning. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)
   (C)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Administrative offices.
Financial offices.
Medical, dental clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and related facilities.
Medical training and related facilities.
Professional offices, such as offices for architects, attorneys, dentists, engineers, optometrists, physicians, chiropractors, real estate brokers, physical therapists, and other similar type professions.
Public buildings and facilities.
Reconstruction of single-family dwellings provided that the other regulations of this title are met.
Residential uses and residential service facilities and employee housing, small, when above or below the ground floor.
Any other use deemed by the Planning Commission to be compatible with the intent of the Business- Professional Zone and surrounding uses. (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992; amd. Ord. 1666, 9-23-2014; Ord. 1667, 10-28-2014)
   (D)   Conditional Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted when authorized in accordance with the provisions of section 10-3-4 of this title.
Office supply stores, gift shops, barbershops, beauty shops, florist shops, etc., may be considered, provided the applicant can submit economic data to show that said retail business will provide services to establishments and workers within the area.
Restaurants and coffee shops.
   (E)   Uses Prohibited: The following prohibited uses are deemed incompatible with the uses permitted in the business- professional zone and are, therefore, prohibited:
Industrial uses.
Retail commercial uses other than those specifically listed or provided for in subsections (C) and (D) of this section.
   (F)   General Regulations: The following developmental standards shall apply to the business-professional zone unless a waiver (a deviation of not more than 5 percent) of one or more of the standards has been granted by the planning commission and city council:
A request for such waiver shall be submitted in writing and the justification shall be based upon improving the quality of the development or assisting the logical and practical utilization of the zone while still maintaining its intent and purpose. This waiver shall not be used for increasing a building by deleting a requirement under the standards. The planning department will analyze the request and, based upon its content, shall make a firm recommendation to the planning commission.
      1.   Minimum Lot Area: Six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      2.   Minimum Lot Width: Sixty feet (60').
      3.   Maximum Building Height: Forty feet (40').
      4.   Yards And Building Setbacks:
         (a)   Front yards: Ten feet (10'), except when abutting a residential zone the setback shall be twenty feet (20').
         (b)   Side yard: Ten feet (10').
         (c)   Rear yard: Five feet (5'), except where abutting a residential zone the setback shall be not less than twenty five feet (25').
(1) Rear yards may be used for parking when the yard is of adequate size and depth and the provisions of the parking section, subsection (F)6 of this section, and the regulations for off street parking and loading 1 are met.
      5.   Maximum Building Coverage: Sixty percent (60%). (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)
      6.   Off Street Parking And Loading: Off street parking requirements shall comply with section 10-4-4 of this title.
      7.   Landscaping:
         (a)   All open areas, with the exception of vehicular accessways, parking areas and pedestrian walkways, shall be landscaped and irrigated. Such landscaping and irrigation shall be permanently maintained.
         (b)   A minimum of twenty four (24) square feet of planting area with a tree (minimum 15 gallon container size) shall be provided for every ten (10) open, single rows, or twenty (20) open, double rows, of parking stalls.
         (c)   Landscaping shall consist of combinations of trees, shrubs and ground cover, with careful consideration given to eventual size and spread, susceptibility to disease and pests, durability and adaptability to existing soil and climatic conditions. Fountains, ponds, sculptures, and decorative screen type walls, as an integral part of the landscaping scheme, are permitted and encouraged.
         (d)   Trees shall be planted in the parkway area in front of the development and along the parkway area of corner lots in accordance with the specifications of approximately one tree (minimum 15 gallon container size) for each forty feet (40') of property abutting a city right of way.
         (e)   Existing trees, to the greatest extent possible, shall be protected and incorporated into any proposed development plan.
      8.   Refuse Storage:
         (a)   All materials, refuse and wastes from business professional uses shall be stored outdoors only in closed containers, and outdoor facilities for refuse or waste disposal shall have a minimum dimension of five feet by seven feet (5'x7') and shall be screened on all sides from public view by a minimum five and one-half foot (51/2') high decorative concrete, block or masonry wall, and the openings provided with a gate of durable wood or comparable material. Such area shall be so located as to be easily accessible for trash pick up. No materials, refuse or waste shall be deposited in such form or manner that they may be transferred off the property by natural causes or force.
         (b)   Driveways or designated parking areas may not be used for storage of vehicles and/or equipment.
      9.   Lighting: All lighting of the building, landscaping, parking area, or similar facilities shall be so hooded and directed as to reflect away from adjoining properties.
      10.   Mechanical Equipment: All ground mechanical equipment shall be completely screened and all rooftop mechanical equipment shall be screened to be completely restricted from all view from ground level.
      11.   Signs: The provisions of section 10-4-17 of this title shall apply. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)
      12.   Minimum Parcel Frontage: Sixty feet (60'). (Ord. 1627, 9-9-2008)



1. See section 10-4-4 of this title.