The following uses may be permitted in any zone upon the granting of a conditional use permit:
Airports or aircraft landing fields (FAA approved).
Churches or other places used exclusively for religious worship.
City, county, state and federal enterprises, including buildings, facilities and uses of departments or institutions thereof which are necessary or advantageous to the general welfare of the community.
Communication equipment buildings.
Educational institutions including elementary and secondary schools and colleges.
Health facilities and community care facilities.
Institutions of a philanthropic nature (charitable nonprofit organizations).
Large family daycare homes.
Libraries and museums.
Mortuaries, cemeteries and expansion of existing cemeteries.
Natural resources development together with the necessary buildings, apparatus or appurtenances incident thereto.
Public parks, playgrounds, golf courses, community buildings and country clubs.
Public utility or public service buildings, structures and uses.
Radio, microwave, television and telephone transmitters and broadcasting stations, including amateur and professional.
Real estate tract offices and accessory signs.
Residential care facilities and residential service facilities for seven (7) or more residents.
Residential care facilities and residential service facilities for six (6) or fewer residents when such a facility is located at a distance of one thousand feet (1,000') or less from an existing community care facility as measured from any point upon the outside walls of the structures housing such facilities.
Tandem parking spaces as specified in subsection 10-4-4(C)10 of this title. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991; amd. Ord. 1548B, 6-23-1998)