Article I. Incorporation and Corporate Powers
1.   Incorporation and general powers
2.   Exercise of powers
3.   Enumerated powers not exclusive
4.   Forms of government
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
5.   Existing corporate boundaries
6.   Extension of corporate boundaries
Article III. Mayor and Board of Commissioners
7.   Composition of board of commissioners.
8.   Mayor and mayor pro tempore
9.   Terms; qualifications; vacancies
10.   Organization of board of commissioners; oath of office
11.   Meetings of board
12.   Quorum
13.   Ordinances and resolutions
14.   Compensation of mayor and commissioners
Article IV. Election Procedure
15.   Election
Article V. Town Manager
16.   Appointment of town manager
17.   Powers of town manager
18.   Appointment and removal of officers
19.   Control of officers and employees
Article VI. Administrative Officers and Employees
20.   Town Clerk
21.   Town tax collector
22.   Town accountant
23.   Consolidation of functions
Article VII. Town Attorney
24.   Appointment; qualifications; term; compensation
25.   Duties of town attorney
Article VIII. Finance
26.   Custody of town money
27.   Independent Audit
Article IX. Police
28.   Police
29.   Effect of ordinance on town property
Article X. Street and Sidewalk Improvements
30.   Street improvements, assessment of costs
31.   When petition unnecessary
32.   Street improvement defined
33.   Sidewalks; assessment of costs
34.   Assessment procedure
35.   Effective assessment
Article XI. Water and Sewer
36.   Alternative methods of assessment
37.   Water connections
Article XII. Refuse, Weed and Trash
38.   Property kept free of offensive matter
39.   Removal of offensive matter; charges a lien
Article XIII. Claims Against the Town
40.   Presentation of claims; suit upon claims
41.   Settlement of claims by town manager