The Ohio Fire Code as adopted in § 93.01 is hereby revised by amendment, addition or repeal of the following sections of the adopted code as are respectively indicted:
   All building permits are regulated by Miami County Building Department and the City of Piqua Planning and Zoning Department. All fees are collected by the applicable department. Any work done without a proper permit is subject to a stop work order and/or a civil citation by the Fire Official of the city when it results in a violation of the Fire Code.
   (A)   Penalty for violation of the Ohio Fire Code is hereby deleted and § 93.06(B) and § 93.08 shall apply.
   (B)   Scope of the Ohio Fire Code is hereby deleted and the following substituted therefore:
   The provisions of this chapter shall govern the operation, maintenance, and testing of all new and existing fire protection systems, devices, units and fire safety equipment in all occupancies as herein provided. Such systems shall comply with maintenance provisions of all applicable NFPA codes and standards listed in the Ohio Fire Code, where provisions of this article do not specifically cover conditions and operations.
   (C)   Automatic Fire Detection Systems of the Ohio Fire Code is hereby amended as follows:
      (1)   Residential Smoke Detectors; General. All existing residential uses, as defined by the building code listed in the Ohio Fire Code, and that are not owner-occupied if single-family, shall be retrofitted with a minimum of one approved smoke detector in the sleeping area, guest room or suite of a hotel, motel, lodging house or boarding house. Each detector shall be installed in accordance with NFPA standards listed in the Ohio Fire Code. When actuated, the smoke detector shall provide an alarm suitable to warn the occupants within the individual’s room or unit.
      (2)   Responsibility. The owner of all such properties shall be responsible for providing smoke detectors.
      (3)   Installation. Installment of automatic fire alarm system shall conform to requirements of NFPA 742.
      (4)   Tampering. Anyone tampering or interfering with the effectiveness of a smoke detector shall be in violation of this code.
      (5)   Enforcement. Fire, housing and building inspectors are authorized to enforce the applicable sections of this chapter to existing buildings used wholly or in part for residential purposes, where such inspectors inspect such buildings in the ordinary course of their duties.
   (D)   Overcrowding of the Ohio Fire Code is hereby amended and the following added thereto:
   A Piqua police officer, upon finding overcrowded conditions, shall enforce the occupancy limit required to be posted on the premises in the Ohio Fire Code. That officer shall also make a complaint to the fire code official for processing with the City Prosecutor.
   (E)   Underground Storage Tank Installation shall be regulated by the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks.
(‘97 Code, §94.05) (Ord. 12-94, passed 3-21-94; Am. Ord. 9-09, passed 8-3-09)