It is hereby declared a public nuisance for any person, firm, or corporation owning, leasing, occupying or having charge or possession of any premises in this city to create or maintain a public nuisance within the corporate limits of the city, such as but not limited to any unimproved lot or improved lot on which there is any structure which is susceptible to fire, endangers life, health, or property by reasons of disrepair, dilapidated condition, improper electrical wiring or equipment, defective chimneys, defective gas connections or heating apparatus, or for any other reason such as harboring rats, vermin, or disease, or in such a manner that any one or more of the conditions or activities described in the following divisions (A) through (D) are found to exist:
   (A)   The keeping, storage, depositing or accumulation on the premises of any refuse, litter, debris, or personal property which is within the view of persons on adjacent or nearby real property or the public right-of-way when such personal property constitutes visual blight, reduces the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood, is offensive to the senses, or is detrimental to nearby property or property values. Personal property includes, but is not limited to, junk, automotive parts and equipment, appliances, interior furniture, containers, packing materials, scrap metal, wood, or any material not stored in a manner to preserve its value.
   (B)   The abandonment of scrap tires.
   (C)   The maintenance of any vacant or unoccupied building in a state of unsightliness so as to constitute a blighted condition detrimental to the property values in the neighborhood or otherwise detrimental to the public view; any unimproved real property, which has become a dumping ground for litter, garbage, junk, debris, or discarded vehicles, vehicle parts or similar materials.
   (D)   Any illegal activity occurring or originating on the property, which is detrimental to the life, health, safety and welfare of the residents, neighbors or public. For purposes of this section, ILLEGAL ACTIVITY is defined as any violation of state or federal law, rules or regulations, or city ordinance.
(‘97 Code, § 92.25) (Ord. 66-79, passed 10-1-79; Am. Ord. 8-06, passed 5-1-06) Penalty, see § 91.99