16.28.090  PROCEDURE.
   A.   At the time of approval of the tentative map or parcel map, the planning commission shall determine pursuant to Section 16.28.040 of this chapter the land required for dedication. If the planning commission requires in-lieu fee payment by the subdivider, the planning commission will set the amount of land upon which the in-lieu fee will be based.
   B.   At the time of the filing of the final subdivision map or parcel map, the subdivider shall dedicate the land as required by the planning commission. Where the planning commission has determined that fees shall be paid in lieu of or in addition to the dedication of land, these fees shall be paid on a lot-by-lot basis prior to the issuance of any building permit for any building or structure to be located upon any one of the lots in the subdivision. The in-lieu fees shall be based on the land dedication requirements established at the time of tentative map approval using current land values at the time of building permit issuance as set forth in Section 16.28.060. Open space covenants for private park or recreation facilities shall be submitted to the city prior to approval of the final subdivision map or parcel map and shall be recorded contemporaneously with the final subdivision map or parcel map. (Ord. 461 § 1(part), 1984).