16.20.280  EASEMENTS.
   The subdivider shall dedicate easements not less than six feet in width for public utility, sanitary sewer and drainage purposes on each side of rear lot lines, along side lot lines, and in planting strips wherever necessary, provided easements of lesser width may be allowed when at the determination of the city engineer that the purposes of easements may be accomplished by easements of lesser widths, and provided further that in such determination, the city engineer shall prescribe the width of such easements. Easements for overhead wire lines shall be provided at the rear of all lots, except where alleys are available, and in contiguous locations to permit anchorage, line continuity, ingress and egress. Dedication of easements shall be to the city for the purpose of installing utilities, planting strips, and for other public purposes as may be ordered or directed by the City Council . (Ord. 89 § 5.10, 1955).