The following certificates and acknowledgments and all other now or hereafter required by law shall appear on the final map; such certificates may be combined where appropriate:
   A.   A certificate signed and acknowledged by all parties having any record title interest in the land subdivided, consenting to the preparation and recordation of the map; provided, however, that the signatures of parties owning the following types of interests may be omitted if their names and the nature of their interests are set forth on the map:
      1.   Rights-of-way, easements or other interest, none of which can ripen into a fee,
      2.   Rights-of-way, easements or reversions, which, by reason of changed conditions, long disuse or laches, appear to be no longer of practical use of value, and which signature it is impossible or impractical to obtain. In this case, a reasonable statement of the circumstances preventing the procurement of the signature shall be set forth on the map;
      3.   Any subdivision map including land originally patented by the United States or the state of California, under patent reserving interest to either or both these entities, may be recorded under the provision of this chapter without the consent of the United States or the state of California thereto, or to dedication made thereon;
   B.   A certificate signed and acknowledged as provided in subsection A, offering for dedication all parcels of land shown on the final map and intended for any public use,,except those parcels other than streets, which are intended for the exclusive use of the lot owners in the subdivision, their licensees, visitors, tenants, and servants
   C.   A certificate by the civil engineer or licensed surveyor responsible for the survey and final map. The signature of*such civil engineer or surveyor unless accompanied by his or her seal must be attested;
   D.   A certificate for execution by the city engineer;
   E.   A certificate for execution by the city planning commission;
   F.   A certificate for execution by the City Clerk;
   G.   A certificate for execution by the county recorder. (Ord. 89 § 4.3, 1955).