In addition, the final map shall be prepared in full compliance with the following requirements:
   A.   The final map shall show the line of high water in case the subdivision is adjacent to a stream, channel, or any body of water, and shall also show any area subject to periodic inundation by water, or subject to land slide or subsidence;
   B.   The final map shall show any area which has been, or will be, filled in the development of the subdivision;
   C.   The boundary of the subdivision shall be designated by a red border applied to the reverse side of the tracing and on the face of the blue line prints. Such border shall not interfere with the legibility of figures or other data;
   D.   The maps shall show the center border lines of all streets, the total width of all streets, the width of the portion being dedicated and the width of existing dedications, and the widths each side of the centerline, also the width of railroad rights-of-way, appearing on the map;
   E.   The map shall show the side lines of all easements to which the lots are subject. The easements must be clearly labeled and identified, and if already of record, its recorded reference given. If any easement is not definitely located of record, a statement of such easement must appear on the title sheet. Easements for storm drain, sewers, and other purposes shall be denoted by fine dotted lines. Building lines shall be indicated by dotted lines of the same width as the lines denoting street boundaries. The width of the easement and the length and bearings of the lines thereof, and sufficient ties thereto, definitely locating the easement with respect to the subdivision must be shown. If the easement is being dedicated by the map, it shall be properly referenced in the owner's certificates of dedication;
   F.   City boundary lines crossing or bounding the subdivision shall be clearly designated and referenced;
   G.   Block numbers shall begin with the number “1” and continue consecutively without omission or duplication throughout the subdivision. The numbers or letters shall be solid and of sufficient size and thickness to stand out; shall be so placed as not to obliterate any figure and shall not be enclosed in any design. Each block in its entirety shall be shown on the sheet. Where adjoining blocks appear on separate sheets, the street adjoining both blocks shall be shown on both sheets with center line and property line data;
   H.   Lot numbers shall begin with the number “1” and continue consecutively without omission throughout the subdivision, and shall be numbered in a clockwise direction from the upper left-hand corner; north shall be generally up on the map;
   I.   The map shall also show all other data that is or may be required by law;
   J.   The final map shall particularly define, delineate, and designate all lots intended-for sale or reserved for private purposes, all parcels offered for dedication for any purpose, public or private, with all dimensions, boundaries and courses clearly shown and defined in every case. Parcels offered for dedication but not accepted shall be designated by letters. (Ord. 89 § 4.2(g), 1955).