9.30.080 VIOLATIONS.
   A.   The City Manager shall review, and if determined appropriate, act upon any written complaint submitted by any private citizen or city officer or employee concerning any advertising or promotion prohibited by this chapter. The City Manager may serve a written ten-day notice upon the person responsible for the alleged advertising display sign or promotion or self-service display prohibited by this chapter. The written notice shall require the person to whom it is sent to either correct the violation within this ten-day period or submit, in writing, a response to the claim of violation. The City Manager shall investigate any written response and determine whether or not a violation has occurred. This determination shall be in writing and a copy of the determination shall be sent to the person making the written complaint and to the person who is alleged to have engaged in the violation.
   B.   Failure to correct specified violations may result in enforcement by any remedy provided by this code. If three notices requiring the correction of any violation of this chapter, whether the violation involves the same or different displays or promotions, are served on the same person within a thirty-day period, an enforcement action, including but not limited to the imposition of a fine, pursuant to the provisions of Section 9.30.160, may be initiated against that person without the serving of another notice, if an additional violation occurs within ninety days of the serving of the third notice.
   C.   Each separate display of tobacco advertising or promotion prohibited by this chapter shall be considered a separate violation.
   D.   For purposes of determining liability of persons, firms or corporations, controlling franchises or business operations in multiple locations, each individual franchise or business location shall be deemed a separate entity. (Ord. 2019-06 (part), 2019; Ord. 99-105 §1(part), 1999).