The following words and phrases, whenever used in this chapter, shall be construed as hereafter set out, unless it is apparent that they have a different meaning:
   A.   ADVERTISING DISPLAY SIGN. A sign, billboard, poster, freestanding sign, balloon, pennant or banner that is temporarily or permanently placed on or affixed to the ground, the sidewalk, a pole or post, a fence, or a building, or is displayed in the windows or doors of a commercial establishment, and that is used to advertise or promote products.
   B.   CITY MANAGER. The City Manager for the city of Pinole or his or her designee.
   C.   MOBILE BILLBOARD. Any sign, placard, billboard, or other advertisement display upon or affixed to a vehicle which display is used to advertise a product illegal to sell to minors, when the supporting vehicle or trailer is parked within a public right of way or on private property and visible to the public for a duration of time and in a manner which clearly indicates that the sign is for advertising products illegal to sell to minors or which carry a specific brand name, logo, indicia of a product illegal to sell to minors. For the purpose of this chapter, a mobile billboard shall not include any advertisements on the side of a van, truck or other vehicle which is primarily used for the transportation of goods or products.
   D.   PERSON. Any individual, firm, partnership, cooperative association, private corporation, personal representative, receiver, trustee, assignee or other legal entity.
   E.   PROMOTE OR PROMOTION. A display of any logo, brand name, character, graphics, colors, designs, or recognizable color or pattern of colors, or any other indicia or product identification with, or similar to, or identifiable with, those used for any particular brand of tobacco product.
   F.   PUBLICLY VISIBLE LOCATION. Any outdoor location that is visible from any street, sidewalk, or other public thoroughfare, or any location inside a commercial establishment immediately adjacent to a window or door where such location is visible from any street, sidewalk, or other public thoroughfare.
   G.   TOBACCO PRODUCTS. Any substance containing tobacco, including e-cigarettes.
   H.   TOBACCO RETAILER. Any person who sells, offers for sale, or exchanges or offers to exchange for any form of consideration, tobacco, tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia. “Tobacco retailing. the doing of any of these things. (Ord. 2019-06 (part), 2019; Ord. 2017-04 § 2 (part), 2017; Ord. 99-105 § 1(part), 1999).