A.   Smoking is prohibited in the Unenclosed areas of the following places within the City, except places where Smoking is already prohibited by state or federal law, in which case those laws apply:
      1.   City property, whether owned, leased or operated by the City, including parking lots, public parks, trails, open spaces, nature areas or park facilities;
      2.   Public events on public property, including open-air markets, parades, festivals, and other events open to the public. No person may Smoke during an outside public event that occurs on property on which the City is owner, lessee, or otherwise holds a property interest;
      3.   Service Areas;
      4.   Outdoor Dining Areas;
      5.   Outdoor, Unenclosed Multi-Unit Residence Common Areas, except for those exempt pursuant to Section 9.28.080. (Ord. 2019-06 (part), 2019; Ord. 2010-01 § 1(part), 2010)