Whenever any condition specified in §§ 93.13 through 93.15 shall be found to exist, or when any building, structure or part thereof within the corporate limits of the city, by reason of faulty construction, lack of repair, age, or any other cause, shall be in such condition as to endanger any person or property, the same shall be deemed and shall be declared a nuisance by a resolution duly adopted by the Council and said resolution shall contain an order or abatement which shall prescribe the terms thereof and fix the conditions therefor having regard to the urgency or necessity or the condition sought to be abated. A copy or said resolution, certified by the City Clerk, shall be served upon the owner or owners or premises where such nuisance shall exist and upon any person in the actual occupancy or possession of the same. If any owner is a non-resident or this city, or is unknown, service shall be by publication or said resolution one time in a newspaper published in this city, and by posting said publication on said premises. If said owner or owners shall fail to abate said nuisance after service or publication and posting or said resolution, and within the time specified therein, the City shall abate said nuisance in the manner specified therein and shall sue said owner or owners for the reasonable cost thereof, saving to the owner or owners any salvage resulting from any such undertaking.
(Ord. 153, passed 9-21-53)