18.70.060   Procedures.
   A.   Submittal of Application. The applicant must submit a properly completed and filled out land division application and any required supporting documentation for staff review as set forth below.
      1.   An application applies to all land divisions described in Section 18.70.040(A) and requires:
         a.   All of the following:
      1.   A complete land division application and a survey sealed by a registered land surveyor showing the property boundary lines, the locations of existing structures, legal access, average cross slope, lot area, lot width, and utility easements for each lot, parcel, or fractional interest being created. The applicant may substitute an ALTA survey for the purposes of meeting this requirement at its discretion;
      2.   A standard preliminary title report demonstrating that there is legal access to each lot, parcel, or fractional interest being created from a public right-of-way;
      3.   A statement from a registered professional engineer or a licensed surveyor stating that the resulting lots, parcels, or fractional interests being created will have physical access that is located within the boundaries of the legal access;
      4.   Identification of all topographic, hydrologic or other site constraints, requirements or limitations that must be addressed as a condition of the eventual issuance of a building or use permit, including, but not limited to, identifying all areas for each lot, parcel, or fractional interest being created that lie within the hillside development overlay zone or regulatory floodplain as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or by Pima County. For Section 18.70.060, there shall be no requirement for independent studies; or
         b.   A signed written acknowledgment from the property owner that has been recorded with the Pima County Recorder's Office and acknowledges that no building permit or use permit will be issued until the lot, parcel, or fractional interest meets the minimum zoning requirements, has legal access, will have physical access from a public right of way, and has reserved utility easements.
   B.   Review of Application
      1.   Applications shall be reviewed in 30 days pursuant to an application checklist. The thirty-day time period shall start once the application is determined to be complete by the Development Services Director or the Development Services Director's designee.
      2.   Upon review, staff will issue a land division permit or return the application to the applicant as an incomplete submittal.
      3.   A complete application that is not reviewed within the thirty-day time period shall be deemed approved.
(Ord. 2005-34 § 2, 2005)