18.37.020   MU special uses.
   A.   Any of the uses of Section 18.37.020(B); provided, that:
      1.   The applicant for an MU special use permit submits plans to the zoning inspector for the proposed use; and
      2.   When the zoning inspector finds that the use will create no foreseeable flood, traffic or health hazards or nuisances as defined by the standards adopted by the board of supervisors, the inspector shall then give notice by mail to all property owners of record within three hundred feet of the proposed site of the intention to grant an MU special use permit for the use, and giving any interested person thirty days in which to appeal to the board of adjustment from the inspector's interpretation of the application of the standards in connection with the proposed use; and
      3.   If no appeal is received within thirty days from the date the notices are mailed, the permit shall be issued and become final;
      4.   All uses are subject to Pima County Code Section 18.71 Development Plan Standards; and
      5.   All uses must comply with Section 18.53.020(A) (CI-2 General Industrial Zone).
   B.   Uses conditionally permitted:
      1.   Cemetery or crematory;
      2.   Storage building or warehouse (except if operated in conjunction with a permitted manufacturing or home occupation use, in which case no separate permit shall be required);
      3.   Building material, contractor's or well driller's equipment yard;
      4.   Lumber or commercial feed yard;
      5.   Business: Any use permitted in Section 18.43.030(B) (CB-1 Local Business Zone) and in Section 18.45.030(B) and (C) (CB-2 General Business Zone), except massage establishment, reducing salon or gymnasium, which is expressly prohibited under this chapter;
      6.   Manufacture, processing, assembly or repairing which the board of adjustment determines not objectionable due to odors, smoke, noise, vibration or similar cause. Permitted are the following:
         a.   The manufacture, assembly and repair of advertising displays,
         b.   The processing, assembly and repair of light sheet-metal products, miscellaneous small parts, novelties, toys and merchandise from previously prepared materials such as cellophane, nylon, canvas, cloth, felt, leather, paper, plastics and similar materials;
      7.   The primary assembly of electrical appliances, radios, phonographs, and similar assembly businesses;
      8.   The processing of food products except: meat, fish, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast, pickles, and the refining of fats and oils, and canneries;
      9.   Beverage bottling plant;
      10.   Laundry, cleaning or dyeing works;
      11.   Auto body or fender repair: If operated in conjunction with a general garage or gasoline service station business;
      12.   Experimental laboratory;
      13.   Radio or television tower or station;
      14.   Veterinary hospital;
      15.   Kennels;
      16.   Commercial stable: In accordance with Section 18.17.030(C)(1) (SR Suburban Ranch Zone);
      17.   Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Facility for cats, dogs, and small household pets, provided that no such building or structure is within one hundred feet of the boundary of an adjacent rural or residentially-zoned property, unless such building or structure is used as a caretaker's residence.
         a.   Owners and operators of such facilities must meet the eligibility requirements of Sections 18.09.020(N)(3) and 18.09.020(N)(5).
      18.   Fair, carnival, circus or tent show: For not more than fifteen days;
      19.   Community food pantry.
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