(A)   Extensions to approved subdivision or developed property.
      (1)   When an application is received requesting the extension of sanitary sewer service to serve property within the corporate limits which is  developed or has been previously approved as a subdivision or where streets have previously been dedicated and accepted by the municipality and where such area is not part of a new subdivision which has not been approved by the municipality, the developer or other person designated by the Town Board of Commissioners shall estimate the cost of the project and present the application for such extension, the estimated cost and other required information to the Town Board of Commissioners for approval. If the application is approved by the Town Board of Commissioners and subject to the availability of funds, the municipality will install or have installed by contract under its supervision, the extension which has been approved and such extension shall be financed in accordance with division (B) below.
      (2)   When approved sanitary sewer extension project has been completed and the total cost thereof has been determined, a percentage of the total cost of such sanitary sewer extension may be accessed against the property owners whose property abuts upon such extension at an equal rate per front foot in accordance with and under the authority granted to the municipality by G.S. §§ 160A-216 through 160A-237. The remaining percentage of the total cost of such extension shall be borne by the municipality from funds appropriated for this purpose. The costs of pumping stations and system facilities installed for general public use shall be paid for by the town and shall not be included in the cost shared by property owners.
      (3)   Any property owner shall have the opportunity to pay his or her proportionate share of the cost of such extension after the assessment roll is confirmed rather than paying his or her share in equal annual installments with interest as required by the statute.
   (B)   Extensions to proposed subdivision within town limits. The provisions of § 51.28 shall be applicable to extensions to and in all proposed subdivisions in the town limits. The developer shall be responsible for 100% of the sewer extension costs, including engineering and resident inspection services provided by the town, if applicable.
   (C)   Facilities excluded in determining owner’s share of costs. When the municipality determines that it is advisable to install larger size facilities than are necessary to serve the property requesting such extension, the difference in the cost of the larger size facilities over and above the cost of the facilities required to serve the property requesting such extension may be paid for by the municipality and excluded from the total cost to the property owner.
   (D)   Exceptions authorized. Nothing in this subchapter shall prevent the Town Board of Commissioners from extending sanitary sewer mains on its own motion without receipt of an application from property owners and assessing the cost of such extensions in accordance with § 51.51 when, in the opinion of the Town Board of Commissioners, the general public interest demands such extension of service.
(Res. passed 3-29-2001)