Any established used car lot must have:
   A.   A permanent structure containing not less than one hundred twenty (120) square feet of interior floor space to be used as a business or sales office. Any new structure to be built shall conform to this code and the international building code, 2009 edition. Any existing structure shall substantially conform to standards established in this code, in regard to matters connected with public health and safety. The city building inspector shall cause an inspection to be made to determine such compliance.
   B.   Improved grounds complying with the following minimum requirements upon that portion of the land to be used for display and/or offering for sale of used cars:
      1.   Parking space for inventory shall be not less than ten feet by twenty feet (10' x 20') for each used car.
      2.   Improved ground shall contain a gravel base of not less than four inches (4") covered by a minimum of two inches (2") of pavement or concrete that conforms to Idaho department of transportation standards of specifications.
      3.   The finished grade of such improved grounds shall be not less than twelve inches (12") or more than thirty six inches (36") above the grade of the street adjoining said premises.
      4.   Two (2) driveways, one for ingress and one for egress, or one driveway adequate to permit simultaneous ingress and egress.
   C.   Must be in compliance with all standards of this code, including, but not limited to, section 17.72.020 of this code. (Ord. 1348, 2011)