1505.15   LOTS.
   (a)   "Lot" means any tract of land under one ownership within the City and having a street frontage.
   (b)   "Open lot" means a lot bounded on all sides by street lines.
   (c)   "Corner lot" means a lot bounded on two or more sides by intersecting streets and which is adjacent to the point of intersection. Any portion of the width of such lot line and measured at right angles therewith shall not be regarded as a part of a corner lot but shall be deemed an interior lot.
   (d)   "Through lot" means a lot running through from one street to another or opposite street. A through lot shall be treated as two interior lots.
   (e)   "Interior lot" means a lot other than a corner lot or through lot.
   (f)   "Front of a lot" means that boundary line which borders on the street. In the case of a corner lot, the owner shall designate, by a statement on his drawings and application, one street boundary line as the front which will thereafter be deemed the front of the lot.
   (g)   "Rear of a lot" means the side opposite to the front. In the case of a triangle shaped corner lot, the rear shall be the boundary line not bordering on the street.
(Ord. 1177. Passed 3-3-30.)