(a)   Any person wanting a license shall obtain an application for same from the office of the Director of Public Safety, and shall submit the completed application, along with a valid driver's license or identification card issued by the State of Ohio or any other State for inspection and copying, and an appropriate fee to such office, on a form supplied by the Director, which shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Name, address, and social security number of the applicant;
      (2)   Name and address of the organization represented; and
      (3)   A description of the proposed peddling activities.
   (b)   (1)   All license applications shall be referred to the Director, or his or her designee, who shall, within 72 hours after receipt of the completed application, issue licenses to the peddlers, unless the Director finds that:
         A.   The applicant has provided false information in his or her application; and/or
         B.   The applicant or peddler named on the license application has been convicted of a felony violation or misdemeanor violation involving fraud or moral turpitude within the past five years.
      (2)   Any license issued under this chapter shall be valid for one calendar year, expiring on December 31.
   (c)   Each applicant shall pay a non-refundable fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per license, which fee shall be paid at the time the application is submitted.
   (d)   Once issued, a license may be used only in conformity with the laws of the City and the State of Ohio; may not be assigned or transferred; must be carried by the licensee at all times; and shall be revoked by the Director of Public Safety for any of the following causes:
      (1)   The licensee or person preparing the application on behalf of the licensee provided false information in the license application;
      (2)   The licensee is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving fraud or moral turpitude; and/or
      (3)   The licensee has previously been convicted of any violation of Chapter 757 of these Codified Ordinances, and is subsequently cited for a violation of any provision of Chapter 757.
   (e)   In the event a license application is not approved, or in the event any license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter is revoked, written notice shall be given to the applicant or licensee by personal service or certified mail. The applicant or licensee shall have ten days after the receipt of such notice to appeal such refusal or revocation. Such appeal shall be perfected by filing a notice of appeal with the Mayor, who shall notify the applicant or licensee or his or her decision in writing within ten days after receipt of such notice of appeal, unless the applicant or licensee agrees to a longer period of time.
(Ord. 50-06. Passed 4-24-06; Ord. 116-12. Passed 6-4-12; Ord. 104-22. Passed 8-22-22.)