(A)   Plans and specifications for service to new developments such as subdivisions, multiple housing, commercial complexes, etc., shall be approved by the City Engineer. Further, all plans, specifications, and proposed improvements are to be under the supervision of a Kentucky Registered Professional Engineer.
   (B)   Prior to any planning of construction work, the applicant shall contact the City Engineer or City Manager to establish scope of work and review local regulations.
   (C)   No project shall be started without all the details being completed and a fee paid to the city to tap onto the sewer system. Upon completion of the work, it shall be inspected by the City Engineer or his representative and may not be put in use until approval is given.
   (D)   All proposed projects shall be developed at the expense of the applicant, except as provided in subsection (C), (E), § 33.502(D) and § 33.703.
   (E)   The city may, in order to protect the health and welfare of the citizens, provide the necessary sewer facilities, according to law, and assess cost to the properties improved.
(Ord. 91-1, passed 6-11-91; Am. Ord. 2011-21, passed 1-10-12; Am. Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)
Cross references:
   Sewer tap-in fees, see § 33.510
   Subdivision regulations, see Ch. 72
   Penalty for violations, see § 33.999