(A)   The city’s sanitary sewer tap fee schedule is as follows:
      (1)   Single-family residential               $ 900.00
      (2)   Multi-family unit residential, including         $ 900.00/unit
         trailer park and motel (Plus office, laundry,
         or maintenance facility with separate sewer tap
         at                        $ 900.00/tap
      (3)   Commercial, governmental, institutional         $ 900.00/tap
         and industrial facilities
      (4)   All sewer taps greater than six inches
         shall be negotiated per tap
   (B)   All revenues derived from the fees described herein in excess of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per unit, shall be deposited in a reserved, sinking fund to be known as the renewal, replacement and extension fund (RR&E Fund). The RR&E Fund shall be used to provide reasonable reserves for renewals, replacements, improvements, extensions, and extraordinary major repairs of wastewater interceptor sewers, wastewater treatment plants and lift stations.
   (C)   Where two or more customers share a lateral line attached to a city main and one or more of the customers desire(s) to eliminate the shared nature of the lateral line, the city’s sanitary sewer tap fee schedule in division (A) of this section shall be waived for any new attachment at the location eliminating the shared line.
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