Within ninety (90) days following the date for final compliance with applicable categorical pretreatment standards, or in the case of a new source following commencement of the introduction of wastewater into the POTW, any user subject to such pretreatment standards and requirements shall submit to the Superintendent a report containing the information described in §§ 33.154(A)(6) and (7) and 33.240(B)(2). For users subject to equivalent mass or concentration limits established in accordance with the procedures in Division 2 of this chapter (see 40 CFR 403.6(c)), this report shall contain a reasonable measure of the user’s long-term production rate. For all other users subject to categorical pretreatment standards expressed in terms of allowable pollutant discharge per unit of production (or other measure of operation), this report shall include the user’s actual production during the appropriate sampling period. All compliance reports must be signed and certified in accordance with § 33.253(A). All sampling will be done in conformance with § 33.250.
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)