(A)   All users required to obtain an individual wastewater discharge permit or a general permit must submit a permit application. Users that are eligible may request a general permit under § 33.155. The Superintendent may require users to submit all or some of the following information as part of a permit application:
      (1)   Identifying information.
         (a)   The name and address of the facility, including the name of the operator and owner.
         (b)   Contact information, description of activities, facilities, and plant production processes on the premises.
      (2)   Environmental permits. A list of any environmental control permits held by or for the facility.
      (3)   Description of operations.
         (a)   A brief description of the nature, average rate of production (including each product produced by type, amount, processes, and rate of production), and standard industrial classifications of the operation(s) carried out by such user. This description should include a schematic process diagram, which indicates points of discharge to the POTW from the regulated processes.
         (b)   Types of wastes generated, and a list of all raw materials and chemicals used or stored at the facility which are, or could accidentally or intentionally be, discharged to the POTW.
         (c)   Number and type of employees, hours of operation, and proposed or actual hours of operation.
         (d)   Type and amount of raw materials processed (average and maximum per day).
         (e)   Site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans, and details to show all sewers, floor drains, and appurtenances by size, location, and elevation, and all points of discharge.
      (4)   Time and duration of discharges.
      (5)   The location for monitoring all wastes covered by the permit.
      (6)   Flow measurement. Information showing the measured average daily and maximum daily flow, in gallons per day, to the POTW from regulated process streams and other streams, as necessary, to allow use of the combined wastestream formula set out in § 33.051(C) (40 CFR 403.6(e)).
      (7)   Measurement of pollutants.
         (a)   The categorical pretreatment standards applicable to each regulated process and any new categorically regulated processes for existing sources.
         (b)   The results of sampling and analysis identifying the nature and concentration, and/or mass, where required by the standard or by the Superintendent, of regulated pollutants in the discharge from each regulated process.
         (c)   Instantaneous, daily maximum, and long-term average concentrations, or mass, where required, shall be reported.
         (d)   The sample shall be representative of daily operations and shall be analyzed in accordance with procedures set out in § 33.249. Where the standard requires compliance with a BMP or pollution prevention alternative, the user shall submit documentation as required by the Superintendent or the applicable standards to determine compliance with the standard.
         (e)   Sampling must be performed in accordance with procedures set out in § 33.250.
      (8)   Any requests for a monitoring waiver (or a renewal of an approved monitoring waiver) for a pollutant neither present nor expected to be present in the discharge based on § 33.243(B) [40 CFR 403.12(e)(2)].
      (9)   Any request to be covered by a general permit based on § 33.155.
      (10)   Any other information as may be deemed necessary by the Superintendent to evaluate the permit application.
   (B)   Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be processed and will be returned to the user for revision.
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)