(A)   Within either one hundred eighty (180) days after the effective date of a categorical pretreatment standard, or the final administrative decision on a category determination under 40 CFR 403.6(a)(4), whichever is later, existing categorical industrial users currently discharging to or scheduled to discharge to the POTW shall submit to the Superintendent a report which contains
the information listed in subsection (B) below. At least ninety (90) days prior to commencement of their discharge, new sources, and sources that become categorical industrial users subsequent to the promulgation of an applicable categorical standard, shall submit to the Superintendent a report which contains the information listed in subsection (B) below. A new source shall report the method of pretreatment it intends to use to meet applicable categorical standards. A new source also shall give estimates of its anticipated flow and quantity of pollutants to be discharged.
   (B)   Users described above shall submit the information set forth below.
      (1)   All information required in §§ 33.154(A)(1)(a), (A)(2), (A)(3)(a), and (A)(6). See 40 CFR 403.12(b)(1)-(7).
      (2)   Measurement of pollutants.
         (a)   The user shall provide the information required in § 33.154(A)(7)(a) through (d).
         (b)   The user shall take a minimum of one representative sample to compile that data necessary to comply with the requirements of this paragraph.
         (c)   Samples should be taken immediately downstream from pretreatment facilities if such exist or immediately downstream from the regulated process if no pretreatment exists. If other wastewaters are mixed with the regulated wastewater prior to pretreatment the user should measure the flows and concentrations necessary to allow use of the combined wastestream formula in 40 CFR 403.6(e) to evaluate compliance with the pretreatment standards. Where an alternate concentration or mass limit has been calculated in accordance with 40 CFR 403.6(e) this adjusted limit along with supporting data shall be submitted to the control authority;
         (d)   Sampling and analysis shall be performed in accordance with § 33.249;
         (e)   The Superintendent may allow the submission of a baseline report which utilizes only historical data so long as the data provides information sufficient to determine the need for industrial pretreatment measures;
         (f)   The baseline report shall indicate the time, date and place of sampling and methods of analysis, and shall certify that such sampling and analysis is representative of normal work cycles and expected pollutant discharges to the POTW.
      (3)   Compliance certification. A statement, reviewed by the user’s authorized representative as defined in § 33.004 and certified by a qualified professional, indicating whether pretreatment standards are being met on a consistent basis, and, if not, whether additional operation and maintenance (O&M) and/or additional pretreatment is required to meet the pretreatment standards and requirements.
      (4)   Compliance schedule. If additional pretreatment and/or O&M will be required to meet the pretreatment standards, the shortest schedule by which the user will provide such additional pretreatment and/or O&M must be provided. The completion date in this schedule shall not be later than the compliance date established for the applicable pretreatment standard. A compliance schedule pursuant to this section must meet the requirements set out in § 33.241.
      (5)   Signature and report certification. All baseline monitoring reports must be certified in accordance with § 33.253(A) and signed by an authorized representative as defined in § 33.004.
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)