In the event of an emergency, the Mayor shall have the following powers:
   (A)   The power and authority to proclaim a state of emergency exists in the city;
   (B)   To contract with other units of government for the use of manpower and equipment;
   (C)   To contract with private industry, leasing services, manpower and equipment;
   (D)   To order all city employees to immediate active duty;
   (E)   To order city departments to concentrate their manpower and equipment in a given area or areas;
   (F)   To authorize any city-owned or leased property to be made available as emergency shelters, food and water service and dispensing areas, hospitals, morgues, bases of operations, and the like;
   (G)   To order city employees and equipment to be utilized in the transportation of equipment, supplies, food, water, materials, messages, and the like from place to place to assist any governmental, Red Cross, or like charitable agency operating within the city;
   (H)   To terminate ordinary city services;
   (I)   To terminate the operation of any city licensed business;
   (J)   To order a curfew for the general public or any segment of the general public in all or any portion of the city;
   (K)   To close any street, park, or public facility within the city;
   (L)   To authorize agents of the city access to private property to perform damage assessments; and
   (M)   Such other orders as are imminently necessary for the protection of life and property.
(Ord. 2003-14, passed 6-23-2003)