Data required as a basis for the preliminary plat, § 156.32, shall include existing conditions as follows except when otherwise specified by the Planning and Zoning Board:
   (A)   Boundary lines;
   (B)   Easements, their location, width and purpose;
   (C)   Street names on or adjacent to the tract and right-of-way width and location;
   (D)   Utilities on and adjacent to the tract; location, size and invert elevation of sanitary, storm and combined sewers; location and size of water mains; location of fire hydrants, electric and telephone poles and streetlights; if water mains and sewers are not on or adjacent to the tract, indicate the directions and distance to and size of nearest ones, showing invert elevation of sewers;
   (E)   Subsurface conditions on the tract, if required by the Planning and Zoning Board; location and results of tests used to ascertain subsurface soil, rock and groundwater conditions; depth to ground water unless test pits are dry at a depth of five feet; location and results of soil percolation tests if individual sewage disposal systems are proposed; and
   (F)   Other conditions on adjacent land; approximate direction and gradient of ground slope including any embankments or retaining walls; for adjacent platted land, refer to subdivision plat by book and page number and subdivision title.
(2000 Code, § 58-81)  (Ord. 88-01, passed 5-24-1988)