§ 112.16  GUIDELINES.
   The following guidelines shall also be followed:
   (A)   All ramps four feet or higher will require signed and sealed engineered drawings;
   (B)   Prior to using existing ramps, regardless of size or height, the owner/operator shall provide signed, sealed structural inspection reports as to their safety and ability for public use;
   (C)   Existing ramps four feet or higher will be required to be anchored down;
   (D)   All new ramps four feet or higher will have to be anchored in accordance with the engineering specifications;
   (E)   Lighting will be face down into the skating area;
   (F)   A valid signed, sealed certificate of insurance will be submitted to the Town Clerk prior to occupational license approval. The insurance shall remain in effect for the life of the occupational license;
   (G)   The owner/operator shall provide the town with a duly executed hold/harmless agreement, releasing the town from any and all liability in association with the use of the licensed facility by the public; and
   (H)   Occupational licenses may be approved by the Town Council upon receipt of the following:
      (1)   Inspection report or sealed engineered drawings as noted above;
      (2)   Insurance forms;
      (3)   Hold harmless agreement; and
      (4)   Building official inspection report.
(2000 Code, § 10-310)  (Ord. 2000-02, passed 5-23-2000)  Penalty, see § 112.99