After appropriate or necessary investigation, documentation and inspection, the City Community Enhancement Technician, a peace officer or other designated city official may take, in compliance with § 91.03(B), one or more of the following actions:
   (A)   Informal verbal or written notice to abate;
   (B)   Informal mediation or intervention with the responsible party;
   (C)   Summary action to remove the violation, followed by appropriate notice, warning or enforcement action;
   (D)   Issue a formal notice and order to abate;
   (E)   Issue a criminal or civil citation with notice to appear; and/or
   (F)   Take emergency action for abatement or vacation of premises.
(1976 Code, § 9-1-8)  (Ord. 593-12, passed 8-8-2012; Ord. 628-16, passed 6-22-2016)