(a)   The Taxicab Licensing Official, after notice and a hearing, may permanently revoke or temporarily suspend a Taxicab Company, Vehicle, or Operator’s license for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Licensee fails to file a complete and accurate application or a complete and accurate affidavit in applying for a duplicate license;
      (2)   Licensee fails to maintain accurate and current business and insurance information with the Taxicab Licensing Official;
      (3)   Licensee fails to maintain proper proof of insurance or proper levels of insurance as per Section 725.10;
      (4)   Licensee fails to pay any of the application fees; or
      (5)   Licensee requests to suspend operation.
   (b)   After notice and a hearing, a Taxicab Operators license can also be suspended if:
      (1)   Licensee has become physically or mentally incapable of driving a Taxicab; or
      (2)   Licensee has been convicted or has plead guilty to a crime involving moral turpitude.
   (c)   A license suspended pursuant to Section 725.19(b) can be reinstated when satisfactory proof is presented to the Taxicab Licensing Official by medical certificate or complete recovery. 
(Ord. 3360.  Passed 8-2-16.)